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7 Unique Gifts For Cocktail Enthusiasts, Beer Drinkers, and Home Bar Owners



While you can never go wrong with a nice bottle of whiskey or case of beer for that alcohol enthusiast on your list, we’ve got some more creative gift ideas for that lush in your life that are sure to please. So check out our list of unique drink gifts, and knock one more thing off of your holiday to-do list!

1. Whiskey Stones ($19.95)


If you’re the kind of guy who likes his whiskey on the rocks, literally, these are for you. Perfect for slightly chilling a few fingers of your favorite beverage, these Whisky Stones will draw some attention during your next poker night. Nine stones are included in the set so you can consume with at least two friends, and since these are milled by the oldest soapstone workshop in the US you’ll be consuming for years to come.

2. 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener ($15.95)


Short of opening a bottle with your teeth, we can’t think of a more manly way to crack a cold one than with a demilitarized .50 caliber bullet casing…which is exactly what this is. Made in the good ole US of A from “once fired” .50 cal BMG brass, this bottle opener is probably the only way most of us are ever going to handle a fist-sized .50 cal round, but we’re ok with that.

3. Adventure Stainless Steel Flask ($16.36)


For a no-frills flask that’s perfect to toss in your bag when you’re out camping or exploring, turn to Stanley, a classic brand that has been crafting solid, well-made food and drink gear since 1913. Their latest flask is aimed at being both essential and rugged. With more grip than its predecessors, the Adventure Series Flask is made of 18/8 stainless steel which won’t rust and is naturally BPA-free. The integrated lanyard assures you will never lose your cap and the flask itself is leak-proof and fully packable. This 8 oz flask is ideal for those looking for a discreet yet rugged way to grab a quick nip. 

4. Copper Moscow Mule Mug ($23.95)

Copper Moscow Mule Mug

Ever since the Moscow Mule was concocted back in 1941, it has been consumed from a copper mug just like this. This 12 oz version is crafted from 100% pure copper and is perfect for your summer drinks, whether you are enjoying Moscow Mules or not. Since copper is a highly conductive metal, the mug will keep your cold beverage cold even on a hot day. Instead of having your drink turn to warm liquid while lounging poolside, you can rely on the Copper Moscow Mule Mug to keep it chilled.

5. DropCatch Wall Mounted Bottle Opener ($39.95)

DropCatch Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

The Drop Catch is a smart way to keep from finding bottle caps all over your place after a party. Just mount it on your wall and when you use it to pop open a bottle the embedded magnet catches it. Not only will it catch the one you just popped off, but it will catch and hold over 50 more. Available in either “Wheat” or “Porter,” the Drop Catch is the perfect addition to any kitchen or home bar area

6. USA Beer Cap Map ($85.95)

USA Beer Cap Map

Remember the map you filled out with state quarters when they were released? Well, that’s the idea behind these maps, only you’re not using money, you’re using the caps from beers you’ve consumed. Beer Cap Maps allow you to display bottle caps from each state’s finest breweries. Each is made in Wisconsin with wood that’s been sealed for protection. Each US map will come with several small holes so you can hang it up and put your drunken hard work on display.

7. Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks ($27.95)

Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks

Relaxing with a fine single malt after a meal is a luxury we stand behind. To help you segue from steak to scotch, keep a pack of these toothpicks in your pocket. These Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks are made with an Islay single malt from a 200-year-old distillery and are kiln dried. As you let one sit in your mouth, the subtle peaty and boozy flavors will start to come through and remind you of a relaxing night with a splash of the good stuff. Whether you need to clean your chops after a rack of ribs, or you just want to enjoy the fine flavors packed in each toothpick, carrying a pack is highly recommended for any scotch lover.

For even more great gift ideas, head over to Cool Material and check out their list of awesome gifts for men!

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Michelob ULTRA Created The Ultimate Golf Bag.. Complete With A Keg Inside!



Michelob ULTRA Caddie Bag

Yes, you read that right. Michelob ULTRA has unveiled quite possibly the coolest golf bag on the planet, one that every golfer and Caddyshack fan could only ever have imagined in their wildest dreams. And best of all, they’re giving away this bad boy to lucky beer lover, so you’ll definitely want to enter for your chance to win.

The Michelob ULTRA Caddie Bag is a one-of-a-kind prototype bag that includes everything you could ever need for the optimal 19th hole experience:

  • 128 oz. refillable beer keg with a custom Michelob ULTRA tap handle
  • Rechargeable BOSE Bluetooth speaker
  • Built-in tablet for streaming all your favorite media
  • Storage for pint glasses
  • LED lighting

Want to be the envy of your golfing buddies with your own ULTRA Caddie? Enter for a chance to win it by sharing how you live ULTRA with @MichelobULTRA using #ULTRACaddieContest on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The contest runs through August 12th, at which point a winner will be chosen at random.

“We are always looking for new ways to innovate and help our consumers live fit and fun, and the ULTRA Caddie delivers both,” said Azania Andrews, vice president, Michelob ULTRA. “Michelob ULTRA has been the official beer of golf for more than a decade, and we’re excited to unveil the ULTRA Caddie at the PGA Championship in St. Louis.”

As the official beer sponsor of the PGA Championship, Michelob ULTRA will debut the ULTRA Caddie at the PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis this weekend.

You can see more photos of the Michelob ULTRA Caddie Bag below.

Michelob ULTRA Caddie Bag

Michelob ULTRA Caddie Bag

Michelob ULTRA Caddie Bag

Michelob ULTRA Caddie Bag

Michelob ULTRA Caddie Bag

Michelob ULTRA Caddie Bag

What do you think of the Michelob ULTRA Caddie Bag?

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Brandy Dessert Recipes – Boozy Treats To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth



There’s no doubt that brandy is a versatile drink. It is made from distilled wine and aged in oak barrels. You can sip it, shake it and consume it with or after a meal. But, did you know that you can chew it too? Yes you can! Here are some mouthwatering brandy dessert recipes that are a great conversation starter and make for an excellent after-meal companion. All you need to do is to bring home a bottle of any of the premium brandy brands in India like Lincoln from Hermes Distillery and get started.

Brandy Cake

Though it’s an old-school dessert, nothing beats the mouthwatering taste of a brandy cake. To prepare this delicious dessert, you will require the best premium brandy, cream cheese, lemon peel and all other ingredients that are needed to bake a cake. Leave the brandy aside and put the cake on bake. While the cake is getting baked, mix water, cinnamon stick, sugar and lemon peel in a pan and put it to boil. Cook on low heat for 10 mins. Strain it in a cup and mix brandy. Poke holes in the cake using a skewer and drizzle the mix. Your brandy cake is ready to be served. You can top the cake with fruits and cool whip for added flavour.

Frozen Brandy Alexander Pie

This is one of the best desserts made with brandy. A shot of brandy and Kahlúa come together to make this creamy, boozy, frozen dessert that is for adults only. For the crust, you will need cinnamon graham crackers, chopped pecans, sugar and melted butter (unsalted). For the filling, stock up on heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, Kahlúa, premium brandy and vanilla extract. Process the crust constituents in a food processor (except butter) and then combine crumbs with melted butter. The next step is to beat cream at medium speed, combine condensed milk, Kahlúa, brandy, and vanilla in a separate bowl. Carefully line both (crust and filling) in a springform pan and place it in the freezer for 24 hours. Let the clock tick, and your frozen brandy Alexander pie is ready to serve.

Brandy-Stewed Apples

Brandy-Stewed Apples or brandied cinnamon apples are the perfect treat for a cold weekend. Though the recipe is simple, the hardest part is to resist the temptation of finishing all the brandy while peeling the apples. Top ingredients include best Indian brandy, cornstarch, apples, butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, ground nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice.

Mix a tablespoon of brandy with cornstarch and set it aside. Pick a saucepan and mix melted butter and brown sugar, cook it for a few seconds. Add vanilla, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and brandy + cornstarch mix and mix well. Put the apples in the mixtures and cook for another 7-8 minutes. Add two tablespoons of brandy and serve.

Brandy Snaps

Last but not least is a famous British dessert – Brandy Snaps. These crispy biscuits are best served with piped cream or vanilla ice cream. The required ingredients include butter, brown sugar, golden syrup, plain sifted flour, ground ginger, brandy, half lemon, oil (for greasing).

Mix butter, corn syrup, and sugar in a small saucepan and cook on medium heat. Add brandy, ginger and flour after removing the pan from heat. Use a teaspoon to drop the mix on some parchment paper. Bake until golden brown. Cool them for a few seconds and curl each cookie around the handle of a wooden spoon. Fill with cream, sprinkle chocolate and serve them up to your guests.

So, for all the brandy connoisseurs out there, make sure you bookmark these dessert recipes that have a fine hint of brandy and are great for any occasion. Cheers!

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From Cocktails To Mocktails: 3 Boozy Drinks With Non-Alcoholic Variations



The summer season is fast approaching, and many people choose to enjoy it by drinking nice, cool cocktails under the warm, summer sun. Of course, there will be days when an alcoholic drink won’t work for any number of reasons. Maybe you want to enjoy the taste of a mimosa but not the late-afternoon hangover or drowsiness. Perhaps you really want that screwdriver at your favorite cocktail house, but you already volunteered to be the designated driver. Or maybe you could choose to avoid alcohol altogether as part of a sober lifestyle.

Even if consuming alcohol is a no-go, the idea of a delicious, mixed drink on a relaxing day or energetic night out still could sound appealing to you or someone else. Mocktails are a safe and healthy alternative to the original concoction.

The term “mocktails” originated during the 1970s and ever since has been a savior for people who want the delightful taste of a mixed drink but with one specific ingredient missing.

A few classic alcoholic recipes can be tinkered with to create non-alcoholic masterpieces. These variations of popular cocktails either replace alcohol with the ideal replacement ingredient or drop the booze altogether. Vodka becomes ginger ale. Champagne becomes grape juice.

In the end, the alcohol might be missing but the taste is nearly identical to, if not better than, the original.

The Mockmosa

The Recovery Village has a useful summary of how to craft the non-alcoholic version of this brunch-time favorite. They also offer treatment for anyone struggling with substance abuse like the Ohio drug rehab. Mimosas are usually created by combining orange juice with champagne or sparkling wine.

This Mockmosa recipe trades the champagne out for some sparkling white grape juice, which makes a perfect non-alcoholic replacement. Look for grape juice brands that are dry in flavor, with little or no sugar or corn syrup, to replicate the champagne taste. Combine them in a champagne flute and, if you want to add a unique touch, garnish the drink with a mint sprig.

Non-Alcoholic Screwdriver

Usually, screwdrivers are made by combining vodka and orange juice. Replacing the alcoholic ingredient with ginger ale doesn’t drop the tastiness level at all. Leaf.Tv shows how to prepare this variation of the simple two-ingredient mixture.

Start with ice cubes, fill half the glass with ginger ale, and then top it off with a pulpy orange juice brand of your choice. Finish the process with a swizzle stick to combine the two liquid ingredients until the colors have swirled together to mimic a screwdriver. Before the ice melts, sit back and drink up.

Virgin Cucumber Mojito

This smooth-tasting drink is a favorite when temperatures rise and the summer season hits its peak. The alcoholic version includes rum, but it’s not really necessary to create the drink’s refreshing taste. A Frugal Chick has a great alternative to this classic, and the only change is dropping the alcoholic ingredient. Combine one lime, some mint leaves, white sugar, two cucumber slices, ice cubes and soda together for another version of perfection.

Cocktails are a staple of American drinking culture, especially at restaurants or bars with a group of friends or on a date. In the summer, they become staples for days spent by the pool or on the beach. But don’t give up — or give in to temptation — if you originally hoped to spend your day or night without any alcohol. These mocktails not only flatter the originals with their imitation, but they sometimes raise the bar even higher.

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