• Best Lower-Calorie Beers

    Best Lower-Calorie Beers

    Traditional beers are full of empty carbs and calories, so the drink has never been diet friendly. Recently, however, many national brands have been promoting their new “healthy” additions to their product lines – Beers that are even more low calorie than their light options. […]

  • The Cans Of Summer

    The Cans Of Summer

    Let’s just get right to it… I’m a man who loves his craft beer (as my stretch pants can attest to). I also love to get outdoors in the Summer and soak up the sun and fun. Heck I don’t even mind mowing the lawn […]

  • Impress Ladies? Whipped Cream Vodka Key

    Impress Ladies? Whipped Cream Vodka Key

    While on the vodka trip, lets break down the new rage. Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka. I discovered this around Christmas, and I believed it would fade. Alas, this trend is here to stay as Pinnacle has now introduced Chocolate Whipped Cream Vodka. Now to be […]

  • Save $5 Off One Bottle Of Smirnoff Vodka

    Save $5 Off One Bottle Of Smirnoff Vodka

    Ready to get your drink on tonight? Become a fan of Smirnoff on Facebook, and receive a $5 mail-in rebate for your next SMIRNOFF Vodka 1.75L bottle purchase. But you have to act fast, as the rebate offer expires on 03/30/11. Offer valid to residents […]






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