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Glamping: A Luxury Travel Trend Your Girlfriend Will Love



When you think of camping, you immediately associate it with things like tents, sleeping bags, camp fires, backpacks, and soup tins. In other words, roughing it. But lets face it, this type of vacation is definitely not for everyone. Sure, it’s fun when you’re young and broke, but once you grow up and start making good money, these types of trips just won’t cut it anymore.

So what to do if you love nature but don’t necessarily want to “rough it”? You should probably try glamping (glamorous camping). This is a perfect option for those who need to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city but don’t want to sleep on the ground, eat tinned food, and get bitten up by mosquitoes. The question of comfort usually arises when you travel with your girlfriend. Not all women easily adapt to any conditions, like Russian women do.

In a nutshell, glamping is 5-star camping. This form of camping is meant for those people who want to experience nature without sacrificing their own comfort: live in a cozy room, sleep in a soft bed, have access to the bathroom, and eat restaurant quality food. Budget travel it’s not. It’s for people who can afford a luxurious getaway in the pristine nature. A tent, a yurt, a tree house, or a hut with all amenities and facilities can cost a round sum, comparable with a price for a luxury suite. Prices for one night vary from $60 to several thousand dollars.

The origins of glamping

The first prototypes of this format were safari camps in Africa in the 1920’s, in which the well-to-do American and British travelers lived. Yet even in the Middle Ages, traveling kings stayed in their own marquees that were more like their chambers.

But the real glamping boom took place in 2017. After Brexit, more and more citizens of Great Britain began to choose outings to some beautiful corners of their country over trips abroad. In general, over the last several years, the number of glamping zones around Europe has grown significantly, with 1,200 premium-class camping resorts opened.

Why is it becoming so popular?

Glamping totally fits into another popular trend – eco-tourism. Many people have grown tired of traditional hotel-beach-bar vacations. Green tourism is something different, with glamping offering them the chance to stay close to nature and do it in a comfortable for them way.

Living in the big city and enjoying all the comforts of modern life and technology, people feel the need to be face to face with nature sometimes. However, they don’t want to experience any inconveniences. That’s why they are ready to pay for their comfort being in the wild and contemplating beautiful scenery from a cozy tent or hut.

Many travel analysts are critical about this new trend. They believe glamping is another way to fleece affluent tourists. In fact, luxury travelers pay for some basic things (bed and breakfast). But the price is too high.

While travel experts criticize glamping, a lot of people find it to be the best way to escape from the city chaos. Wealthy tourists consider the rates quite reasonable, as they pay for unique experiences.

Popular glamping resorts

If the idea of luxury camping appeals to you, you should visit the official site dedicated to this travel trend. There you will find a lot of options in the most scenic places around the world. Usually, people want to have their cozy camp dwelling at the beach or in some national park.

Glamping accommodations come in a variety of forms: tree houses, pods, yurts, bungalows, etc. Here are some of the more popular glamping properties:

  • Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel, Switzerland
  • Dome Garden, England
  • Singita Sabora Tented Camp, Tanzania
  • The Resort At Paws Up, Montana
  • Bubble Tree, France
  • Maui Eco Retreat, Hawaii
  • Tree Hotel, Harads, Sweden


Photo credit: @glampingdotcom on Instagram

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Delta’s New Plane Features Wider Seats, First-Ever ‘Restroom With A View’



Delta A220

Remember when air travel was a classy affair, with people dressing in their finest clothes, and enjoying roomy seats and good food? While those days are long behind us, Delta Air Lines is trying to class things up a bit with the introduction of their all-new Airbus A220-100.

Delta’s A220 plane is “experience-rich for customers,” with seven-foot ceilings, substantially wider seats, and more legroom than any previous Delta plane. Narrow indentations have been built into the walls in order to give folks in window seats some more shoulder space, and the entire cabin offers LED spectrum lighting, allowing the crew to alter the color and brightness of the lights in response to various moods or times of day.

Delta A220

But that’s not all. While there are television screens installed in each seatback, along with 2Ku satellite Wi-Fi (reportedly the fastest in the entire fleet), the thing we’re most excited about is the fact that this plane offers a restroom with a window.

That’s right people. So whether you’re peeing, pooping, or joining the mile-high club, you can enjoy the scenic view from 30,000 feet. Seriously, how crazy is that?!

Delta A220

If you want to experience Delta’s A220 for yourself, flights will begin on January 31st, initially flying from New York’s LaGuardia to Boston and Dallas/Ft. Worth. Future destinations include Detroit, Houston, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, and JFK.

“The A220 represents our continued work to make flying better for everyone and represents the go-forward objectives of our fleet strategy,” said Gil West, Delta’s Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Delta A220

Kudos to Delta for working to improve the flying experience. Personally, I can’t wait to take a flight on their newest aircraft.. and experience that restroom with a view. 🙂

Photos courtesy of Delta

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Who’s Ready To Stay In The World’s First Underwater Hotel?



onrad Maldives Rangali Island - The Muraka

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is opening the world’s first-ever underwater hotel residence, a $15 million two-story villa called The Muraka that sits 16.4 feet below the Indian Ocean that offers well-heeled guests unparalleled views of aquatic life.

The cost for this once-in-a-lifetime experience? A cool $50,000 per night, although you can’t book The Muraka for just one night. It’s only offered as part of a four-night, $200,000 package, which includes a personal chef for all meals, the use of a private boat, along with a menu of one-of-a-kind experiences that guests can choose from.

onrad Maldives Rangali Island - The Muraka

It’s not a cheap expenditure in the least.. But on the bright side, those who book this package get automatic Hilton Diamond status. 💎

So what kind of accommodations does $200K get you? The second floor of the villa features a twin-size bedroom, ocean-facing bathroom, fitness center, butler’s quarters, integrated living room, kitchen and bar. There’s also an infinity pool, private jetty and an outdoor relaxation deck. Meanwhile, the lower (underwater) floor has a living space, bedroom and bathroom within an all-glass atmosphere that frames 180-degree panoramic views of marine life.

onrad Maldives Rangali Island - The Muraka

“We had to make sure that the guests can have the underwater views from every vantage point of the room. More than 75 percent of wall, ceiling surfaces are made of clear acrylic. The glare and reflection on clear acrylic had to be minimized and views to the ocean had to be secured. We also wanted to give a sense of comfort,” says interior design firm YYA.

The Muraka can accommodate a total of nine guests, so find eight friends to split it with, and suddenly it’s a somewhat more reasonable $22,222 per person, just over $5,555 per night.

What do you say guys, who’s ready to sleep with the fishes.. literally?

Photos courtesy of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

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Las Vegas

The 5 Best Shows To See In Las Vegas



While most people come to Las Vegas for a weekend of gambling, the city has so much more to offer visitor. We’re talking five-star restaurants, desert adventures (ATVs, ziplining, helicopter tours), sports, and over-the-top Las Vegas shows that you’ve got to see to believe.

If you’re heading to Vegas soon, I would highly recommend checking out any of these shows:

Absinthe in Las Vegas

1) Absinthe, Caesars Palace

Absinthe is a fantastical blend of carnival and spectacle, featuring an assortment of incredible specialty acts of old-world burlesque, daring feats of strength and agility and not-so-common routines, performed in a 100-year old circus tent that holds a mere 640 seats, giving you a very intimate experience and putting you as close to the action as possible. This adults-only show delivers that “only in Vegas” experience, and it’s by far my favorite show in town.

Michael Jackson ONE

2) Michael Jackson ONE, Mandalay Bay

In a word.. Wow! Michael Jackson ONE is an immersive journey that brings the King of Pop’s iconic hits to life, with riveting acrobatics, dance and visuals performed by the ultra-talented dancers and performers. This show is a heartfelt tribute to Michael Jackson’s work, innovative spirit, and legacy. If you can only see one (of the eight) Cirque du Soleil show while in town, this is the one to get tickets for. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Carrot Top

3) Carrot Top, Luxor

Carrot Top has been a staple of Las Vegas entertainment for nearly 20 years now, and I’ve seen him perform probably half a dozen times over the years, because he’s just that good. His crazy props and wacky inventions keep audiences in stiches as he pokes fun at pop culture, politics, music and whatever the real world has to offer. And unlike other comics who recycle jokes for years on end, his material is VERY current, often talking about things that happened just a few days ago! It’s a wildly entertaining show you just can’t miss.

Blue Man Group

4) Blue Man Group, Luxor

Blue Man Group will rock your world, blow your mind, and unleash your spirt. Watch as these three bald and blue men put on a musical extravaganza like no other, combining innovative technology, heart-thumping music and well executed humor to create one grand performance. And the Vegas show has even more music, theatrics, audience participation, and sensory overload than ever before. Blue Man Group is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Fantasy - The Strip's Biggest Tease

5) Fantasy, Luxor

In a town known for countless topless revues, Fantasy rises to the top, with the Strip’s sexiest dancers delivering your wildest fantasies in a variety of titillating costumes. This sultry show keeps guests engaged with a great soundtrack (sung live), sizzling performances, and when the costumes hit the floor, your jaws will drop to the same level. This is one show where you want to sit as close to the stage as possible, trust me on that.

There’s no question about it, Las Vegas has some world-class entertainment, with something for everyone, and new acts constantly hitting the Strip. So make sure you set aside some time on your next trip to take in a show or two. You’ll be glad you did!

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