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Diane Kruger is a former ballet dancer and fashion model who started acting back in 2002. Soon after, she landed one of her more high-profile roles to date as Helen in Troy. She’s gone on to star in a slew of movies including National Treasure, Unknown, and Inglourious Basterds.

The German stunner has received numerous accolades, from publications such as People (’50 Most Beautiful People in the World’ 2004), Maxim (‘Hot 100 Women’ 2005 / 2009), Victoria’s Secret (‘What Is Sexy’ 2012), among others.

Her latest movie Special Forces was just released on DVD. She plays Elsa Casanova, a war correspondent taken hostage in Afghanistan by the Taliban warlord Ahmed. An elite Special Forces unit led by Kovax (Djimon Hounsou) is dispatched to bring her home alive. But after liberating the captives, the commandos’ radio is destroyed in a firefight, and the group quickly finds themselves in a desperate fight for survival, as they try to outrun their pursuers through the treacherous mountains of the Hindu Kush.

Click here to watch the trailer. It’s a great flick, and a must-watch for any Diane Kruger fans!


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