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British bombshell Rhian Sugden is an English glamour model and former Page Three girl. She has been featured on the covers of U.K. men’s magazines like Maxim, Nuts, Zoo, and Loaded, and has also held ring cards for the BAMMA.

It’s hard to believe, but Sugden used to work in IT as a network administrator! But she gave up that career after being getting accepted into the Samantha Bond Agency in London.. She appeared in the BBC documentary series Glamour Girls in 2008, but Sugden really gained widespread attention in February 2010, when it was revealed she had sent and received several “racy” text messages from married television presenter Vernon Kay.

Make no mistake, Rhian is far from a modest girl! While all of our pictures are PG-13, there are tons of NSFW pictures of Rhian on the web and on her official website.

The pictures get progressively racier, so be sure to stay through the end! :)


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  • michaelhigh

    I’m interested in Sugden speakers, not some cold girl! Go put some clothes on, sweety!

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