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Hamilton Has Everything To Be The Best Driver Of All Time



The debate over who is the best of all time in any sport is one that rages on for decades usually. People are always looking to decide one way another who is the ultimate, and F1 is no different. Lewis Hamilton, even before claiming his fourth world title, is often mentioned as potentially the best driver of all time. But even after his latest championship win, some still think he falls short. One thing is for certain though, if he isn’t the best of all time now, he certainly has everything needed to be the best.

Hamilton’s age is one key factor that will see him in with a great chance of proving himself to be the ultimate F1 driver of all time. At 32 years old, there are still plenty of years left in the tank for him to add to his 4-title haul. As it stands, he’s now 3 behind Michael Schumacher in terms of driver’s championships won and you could certainly see the Brit getting close to the magic 7, with the hope of equaling and then surpassing it.

For many people, the best is the driver who has won the most, and with time on his side, Hamilton certainly could go on to be the most decorated driver in history.

Winning his 4th world title meant he is now undoubtedly the greatest British driver of all time, but Hamilton has the speed, race craft and the necessary skills and ability to go on to be the best ever. In fact, sports betting operators like already have Lewis Hamilton as the 11/10 favorite to win the 2018 Drivers Championship! He’s in a class of his own when it comes to placing on pole for example, with 72 to his name. That is four more than Schumacher in 2nd, and Hamilton will likely increase his total over the next few years. Hamilton also has 62 race wins under his belt and while that’s only enough for second place currently, Schumacher has 91, there’s still a chance for Hamilton to play catch up.

People will always mention achievements, but Lewis Hamilton has all the skills needed to be the finest driver of all time too. For starters, he’s a master in wet conditions. Many drivers struggle when the track is wet due to the tire grip and visibility being reduced but Hamilton comes into a league of his own and it’s a skill only a true great would possess. He also has the heart and desire too. This season we saw Sebastien Vettel lead the pack for a long time, but Hamilton never gave up and when he got his chance, he took it and then went on to win the title.

Lewis Hamilton probably is the best driver of all time or at the very least the second best as things stand right now. With time still on his side and him still being at a top team, he’s likely to go on to improve on his 4 world titles. If he manages to better Schumacher’s remarkable 7, there won’t be an argument as to who is the best.

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Courtyard Seeks Passionate NFL Fan To Embark On Dream Season Of Travel



Lately, we’ve seen a number of “dream jobs” popping up, and Courtyard by Marriott is joining the fray as well, looking for their first-ever Courtyard NFL Global Correspondent. The gig? Traveling the world and attending the world’s most exclusive NFL events!

Sounds too good to be true, but it’s 100% real. Here are the details from their press release:

There are 180.2 million NFL fans here in the United States, but only one will get the chance to pursue their NFL passions and travel the world to attend exclusive NFL events as the first-ever Courtyard NFL Global Correspondent. The lucky fan will embark on a dream season of international travel and exploration to discover the passion that unites NFL fans around the world and share their findings with fans, followers, Courtyard guests – and the world at large.

“As a brand, we have always enabled our guests to pursue their passions both personally and professionally on the road, so they can continuously move forward” said Janis Milham, Senior Vice President and Global Brand Leader, Classic Select Brands. “This year we are extending that shared mindset to our NFL programming, giving one lucky fan the chance of a lifetime to pursue their passion for the NFL in a season-long capacity.”

This season-long opportunity will include travel to NFL events around the world, including games in London, Mexico City and Minnesota, culminating in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII. Courtyard is seeking individuals who have a love for and knowledge of the NFL, are comfortable in front of a camera, are passionate and enthusiastic storytellers and are always looking to move forward in their personal and professional journeys.

From September 6th through September 24th, interested fans are encouraged to submit a 60-second video online at

Aspiring correspondents must be passionate about the NFL, football, food and travel and be a member of either Marriott Rewards or SPG. Entries will be judged based on charisma, passion and overall NFL expertise. Finalists will advance to an interview round and the Courtyard NFL Global Correspondent will be announced on October 16th.

Not a bad gig, eh? So don some face paint, turn up the energy, and submit a memorable video that is sure to get you noticed. Who knows, you might just get the job!

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Bud Light Kicks Off The Football Season With Two New ‘Dilly Dilly’ Spots



I don’t know about you, but I just cannot get enough of those hilarious Bud Light Dilly Dilly commercials. And lucky for us, Bud Light is back with two new “Dilly Dilly” ads to celebrate the long-awaited return of the NFL football season.

Bud Lights For Everyone:

During the college football kickoff weekend, Bud Light previewed this spot, which depicts our regal King gifting his kingdom’s loyal habitants with his favorite light lager, Bud Light, when one of the pub patrons asks for a mead. The ad highlights the one friend in every group who tries to show off their sophisticated palette, even when it contradicts the group’s preference.

Royal Affair:

This commercial introduces two new characters from the neighboring kingdom, Count and Countess Pamplemousse. The Pamplemousse’s represent the snobby friends you always seem to invite to a party. Royal Affair celebrates Bud Light as the light lager of choice for a large group of friends (and foes).

Here’s hoping that these two are just the first in a long line of Dilly Dilly commercials that run throughout the season!

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Can Tiger Woods Really Come Back?



Tiger Woods

There’s a buzz in the air whenever Tiger Woods competes in a golf tournament. Fans are witnessing a golfer that, at his peak, can be considered one of the best golfers of all time. The combination of nostalgia and potential when watching Woods invokes an excitement that no other professional golfer alive can generate.

Although Woods being on the course and competing is enough for some fans, many wonder whether Woods will ever complete his comeback, specifically by way of winning a tournament or another major.

Tiger Is Rising

This year’s PGA Championship, which took place Aug. 9-12, saw vintage Woods. He came up just short against Brooks Koepka in adding to his stunning tally of 14 Major championships. Fans are sensing it won’t be too long before Tiger adds to the total, which explains why ratings surge at the golfing events he attends. Golf fans do not want to miss one of the most memorable comebacks in professional sports history.

CBS reached 8.5 million viewers during the final round of the PGA Championship, when Tiger had a very real chance to win. The number is a 73 percent increase from the 4.9 million people who watched the tournament’s final round in 2017. Woods is the difference, helping the network attain the best ratings for a PGA Championship since 2009.

Golf is at an exciting point in time, showcasing a mixture of greats like Woods with exciting young talent such as Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth and Koepka. New and old golf fans alike are witnessing an impressive cast of golfers each tournament, with unpredictable outcomes and standout talents.

From Star to Underdog

In 2008, when Tiger last won a major, the notion of him being an underdog would have been perceived as illogical. Today, he is definitively an underdog fans are rooting for, mainly because doctors once told Woods that he would never be able to compete professionally again. Fans tend to react with fervency any time a legendary athlete defies expert opinions to re-emerge and again show elite skill.

Tiger’s infidelity, public divorce and 2017 arrest for driving under the influence of prescription drugs show he is imperfect, though many fans are OK with that, instead embracing full talent on display. If anything, breaking the facade of perfection can give new rise to underdog status.

Can He Win a Tournament or Major?

Tiger appears mostly recovered from medical issues, and his mind seems to be in the right place. Tiger is the same golfer who set a course record at the Masters a year after turning pro in 1997, shooting a -18. There is an abundance of fiercely talented young golfers competing, and they will undoubtedly give their all against Tiger. However, anyone watching Tiger’s comeback tour will see the return of one of the sport’s most extraordinary talents.

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