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How To Be Awesome On Your First Date



first date

Getting a date isn’t always the easiest thing to do. I often need to get at least 2 different phone numbers in order to be 100% sure I’m going to get a date with one of them. Because of this, many dudes out there feel some sort of pressure when they go out. That’s just wrong. Think of it this way…when you’ve got her number, you’ve already completed the hardest challenge.

For example, let’s say you were out clubbing and you met her there. In order to get that number, you had to initiate the approach, deal with cockblocking friends, befriend her friends, compete with other dudes etc. If she gave it to you, great you’ve managed to make a good first impression but, if she agreed to go out with you, it means that this chick already likes you and the only thing you need to do is show up and play it cool.

You might think that orchestrating another night out with your friends and hers might be a good idea but in fact that’s just plain stupid. Don’t overcomplicate things by going out in groups or with another couple and don’t go to a party on your first date either.

First dates are all about you and her, without any intrusions. Anything other than just the 2 of you will put you back in the same situation you were in when you met, competing for her attention with her friends, cockblockers, competition and the like.

What It Comes Down To

The first date is your first and actual chance to capitalize on all the hard work you’ve put in to get her to meet you. Most of the time, if she agreed to go out with you, you can pretty much own it unless you’re a total douche.

I can confidently say this because I’ve had dates that were sourer than a lemon, yet I still managed to get some action at the end. I remember I got the number of some chick in less than 1 minute, randomly as I left a venue. Met her a few days later and the date was a total failure, the pauses were long, she was boring, I couldn’t entertain her but yet and the end of the date, I went in for the make out and she agreed … 1 more date later we banged.

First dates should be sweet and simple. Don’t try to overcomplicate things by being romantic, taking her to dinner, to the park, a walk on the beach or other time wasting activities. Stick to what always works and don’t steer of course. Having drinks in a bar/café is where it’s at. If the night is getting longer change venues a maximum of one time (to another bar/café of course) and make sure everybody is doing their share of drinking.

You can have a terrible date but after both of you have been drinking, things start to get frisky, her pupils get dilated, you get the balls to make some moves, she has the balls to let you make the moves and things will quickly progress for the better.

If she agreed to go out with you then she’s obviously interested in you, if she’s had something to drink then you can know for sure that by the end of the date you’ll at LEAST get to make out with her.

Not Trying Anything On The First Date

Here’s another thing I want to get down. Why do some dudes refrain themselves from actually trying to make a move on the first date? Trust me when I say this, many dudes before you have tried to make a move, tried to go for the make out or at least tried to touch her in some way. If you’re the one that doesn’t, there must be something wrong with you, at least that’s what she’ll think.

Believe me, on the first date, there’s enough pressure as it is. The last thing you want is having the chick think about your flaws instead of hers. This is exactly what you’re doing when you’re trying to be more romantic, refraining yourself from doing anything, or generally just trying dumb shit to impress her.

The Bottom Line

If you ask a girl for your number and she gives it to you, it means you’ve made an overall good impression, enough for her to give you the number. If you ask her out and she agrees again then it clearly means that she’s 100% interested in you. The fact that she’s giving you a chance means that she wants to date guys and doesn’t mind dating you. You can get some serious action even if the chick just “wanted to go out on a date again” or has stuff to do in the morning.

Always keep the first date simple. Take her out for drinks, have those drinks, and make sure you try to kiss her. As I’ve mentioned before, if you can get a make out session going during the first date, the chances of getting a lay that same night are dramatically increased. If you can’t get a make out going during the date, make sure that you try to kiss her at the end, it doesn’t matter what you think.

Judge the level of passion in the kiss (makes sounds, feels you up, pulls you close, takes her time) and if things look promising, make the invitation back to your place or hers. If she’s not the frank type of chick, try to weasel your way into it. It can only work in your favor.

This is the sort of stuff I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to increase your success with women, visit – a place where the dating mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct and fruitful methods of meeting and seducing women.

Alex Matlock is an expert in dating and woman psychology. Apart from working on his PHD in Social Psychology and writing for Guys Gab, he also owns - a place where the "dating" mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct (and fruitful) methods of meeting and seducing women.


How To Land Yourself A Rich Woman



How great would it be if you could meet a rich woman, one who could buy you nice things and take you away on extravagant vacations. While you are probably sitting there thinking that it’s a great idea but one that will never happen, think again. You may want someone who’s really wealthy, but it’s important to find someone that is fun to spend time with as well. Finding someone with both traits, now that’s the ultimate quest.

So, let’s discover how you can meet a rich woman that you are going to be compatible with:

Set Your Sights High

If you are serious about meeting a rich woman, then you are going to need a bit of patience, and you’ll need to do a bit of research as well.

Rich women don’t walk around with a sign on their head denoting their wealth. There are some women who can really walk the walk with fancy, designer clothes and accessories. But this doesn’t automatically qualify them as rich, they could just have huge credit card bills. So you’ll need to be patient and make sure that you are looking for the right attributes.

You also need to define “rich”. How rich do they need to be to check off the boxes?

Be In The Right Place

Meeting a rich woman is not as easy as simply going to the local bar. You need to be in the right place at the right time in order to meet them.

Now we aren’t suggesting you go and hang around the red carpet at an exclusive bash or start attending gala dinners that you can’t afford. That would just leave you out of your comfort zone and out of pocket.

Instead, use an online dating site like to help you get matched with those rich women that you want to meet. There are also dedicated online dating sites that are committed to pairing the rich with the not so wealthy.

Maybe It’s Time To Move?

If you live out in the sticks with not much life happening around you, it may be time to consider a move. You aren’t going to meet anyone close by if you limit your options to a less populated area.

A move to the big city will expand your potential matches that are less than a few miles away. It will also put you in the social right circles to meet more people.

Where you work, where you socialize and even where you go to the gym will give you a greater chance of achieving your goal to meet a rich woman.

Good luck!

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Look Like A World Traveler On Tinder With The ‘Delta Dating Wall’ In Brooklyn



Delta Dating Wall in Brooklyn

According to a recent research study from Wieden + Kennedy New York, world travelers are more likely to be swiped right on dating apps like Tinder. But what do you do if you don’t have any exotic travel selfies?

Fear not, as Delta Air Lines, with help from W+K, has printed photos from nine exotic destinations on a wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, so that New York City singles can take selfies for their dating profile and look like the attractive jet-setters that they aspire to be. Feast your eyes on the #DeltaDatingWall.

The photos on the wall (surrounded by cute illustrations by Andrew Rae), feature iconic shots from Honolulu, Paris, Los Angeles, Pisa, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Zurich. Now is it a little dishonest to act like you’re a world-traveler, when you haven’t even flown on a plane before? Maybe. But like they say, “fake it until you make it”, especially when there you’re trying to pick up those #wanderlust Tinder cuties.

And when you’re finally ready to head out on that epic travel adventure, Delta can take you there, with more flights from New York City than anyone else.

The #DeltaDatingWall will be up throughout the summer, but I would suggest going there sooner than later, as you know Tinder will be getting overloaded with photos like these as more people learn about this.

You can check out more pics of the dating wall (and get some photo ideas) below:

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Hack Your Dating Life With These 4 Apps



There’s no question about it, the dating game has forever changed due to technology in general and because of the advancements of smart devices and dating apps in particular. While not all dating takes place online, more people are now meeting each other over dating apps — and for the record, they aren’t relying on the old standbys, such as eHarmony,, OKCupid, or even Tinder and Grindr.

Those models don’t always work, in large part because the approach of messaging someone based on their picture is just tired. That’s why it’s time to hack your love life and improve your pick-up practices.

Find a Connection on the Fly With WatchMe88

At first glance, WatchMe88 might seem a bit creepy because it’s essentially a radar. It works to find possible dates while you’re already out, so once you turn it on, it finds singles within the distance you set. The good news is that it only picks up other users, so you’re not just creeping on random people who have no idea that you’re watching them. If you match up with someone nearby, then the faces of your avatars glow. It’s kind of like they’re blushing.

Another key aspect is that there are no pictures involved right away. You don’t necessarily know whom you’re approaching. However, you do have the option to send a picture of yourself before making your approach. You can eve include a wink.

Take It Slow With Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is a next-level dating app for several reasons. To begin with, you’ll only receive alerts at noon each day. Secondly, there’s the security of knowing that you’re matched with people based not just on your shared hobbies and interests, but also on your mutual friends and acquaintances. Lastly, the guy is in charge of messaging, but it’s up to the girl to respond.

For those reasons, the Coffee Meets Bagel app is best for people who are more serious about dating, who don’t want to waste time, and who don’t want to deal with typical dating app behaviors.

Find a First Date Fast With Clover

Do you love the thrill of the first date? Do you prefer first dates to simply hanging out or hooking up with someone? Let’s say you’re using a new smartwatch while you’re out for a run or heading to the bookstore, and you feel like sharing the day with someone? Maybe you’re heading to dinner, and you don’t feel like eating alone. Perhaps there’s a party tomorrow, and you want to find a date.

Clover is perfect for that. It’s like an app for dating on demand. In addition to picking up signals from nearby users, the app also offers suggestions for locals activities and events you can do on your date. It’s an all-inclusive app, as well, so you can specify everything, from your type and your location to your interests and intentions.

Embrace The Facebook Connection With Hinge

On the surface, Hinge looks a lot like Tinder, but that’s really only the interface and the ease of swiping left or right. The difference is that, on Hinge, you swipe your way through a questionnaire. What sets this app apart is the fact that it uses your Facebook friends and friends of friends to match you with potential connections. Combined with the answers to all those questions, you have the chance to find someone with a personal connection to you who shares your interests and hobbies.

The questions are specific and relevant enough that you get a pretty good sense of your possible matches, and they’ll get to know a significant amount about you, as well. You can only message people if you’re matched with them, which is a plus. Even better, if you want to know more about someone, you can always reach out to your mutual friend.

No one wants to waste time while they’re dating. Apps make it easier to meet people, but it’s always better to go for dating apps that encourage a more personal connection; don’t you think?

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