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Dealing With Large Age Differences In The Workplace



Millennials get a lot of heat from other people in the workplace (they are lazy, entitled, won’t get off their phones, dress funny, etc), and there’s no question that it’s often difficult getting Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and Gen Zers to work together and get on the same page.

Aside from working with recruitment agencies to help you find the best candidates for the job, you can employ the strategies below to improve the relations among these diverse groups.

Look Past Age

Avoid making biased judgments based on an employee’s age. The fact is you are dealing with individuals, not generational stereotypes. When it comes to managing a multigenerational team, it’s best to deal with each member based on his or her unique strengths, abilities and goals. When you focus on individuality, age becomes less relevant.

Encourage Mentorship

Each generation is an asset to the company culture because these groups can learn from one another. For instance, Baby Boomers have years of career and life experience that can help Millennials excel professionally and personally. Likewise, tech-savvy Gen Zers can assist older workers with staying up to speed on the latest gadgets. This type of interaction helps to:

  • Nurture teamwork
  • Stimulate collaboration
  • Develop mutual respect

One of the benefits of working with finance headhunters Los Angeles is their ability to recruit candidates who can fit easily into a multigenerational work setting.

Open The Lines Of Communication

There’s no question that generational differences are real. For example, Millennials are team-oriented while Generation Xers tend to question authority. This diverse workstyle can clash, causing stress, tension and conflict. Hold a brief staff meeting acknowledging and explaining these different characteristics.

Addressing problems quickly can prevent toxicity in the workplace. Also, encourage them to focus on their commonalities. Who knows? The 22-year old staffer may enjoy gardening as much as her 60-year old co-worker does.

Like it or not, multigenerational companies are the norm in today’s business world. While this form of diversity poses its own challenges in the workplace, these issues can be resolved with unbiased judgments, cross-generational mentorship and open dialogue. So don’t stress about it, and contact Beacon Resources at 1-844-500-8100 to match you with the top finance and accounting candidates from any generation.

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