Introducing The Redesigned 2015 Honda Fit


Photos of the 2015 Honda Fit have just surfaced, and I for one really like the direction Honda went with the new Fit. The front-end looks very Civic-ish, and you can see some CR-V similarities in the rear.

Honda plans to bring hybrid variants of the Fit to compete with Toyota’s ultra-successful Prius. But don’t get excited too yet, as the hybrid powertrain will only be offered in the sedan and crossover SUV models. Yes, you read that right, Honda will be offering Fit sedans and SUVs. Weird, right?


The standard five-door Fit will be powered by a 1.3-liter port-injection engine or a 1.5-liter direct-injection engine, while the Fit Hybrid will be powered by a 1.5-liter Atkinson-cycle engine coupled to a 22-kw electric motor and battery, mated to a brand-new seven-speed dual clutch transmission. And unlike Honda’s current integrated motor assist hybrid system, the new hybrid drivetrain should allow driving in electric-only mode.

The Fit achieved 86 mpg in the Japanese testing cycle. But keep in mind, Japan’s testing methods are vastly different than ours, with the Prius C getting 83 mpg in their testing cycle. Still, this gives you an idea of what Honda’s aiming for here. U.S.-spec Fit hybrids should get around 55 mpg.


Did you notice the RS badging in the top-most photo? Yes, Honda will be offering a sportier RS model that pairs the 1.5-liter engine with a six-speed manual that’s perfectly matched to the high-revving engine. Short throws and a tight gate with pleasing mechanical precision, the experience is reportedly very S2000-esque.

The interior also gets a facelift, with the design team opting for a cleaner, more upscale, less busy interior. They set out to design an interior that looks more expensive than the car’s price would suggest, and from the limited photos we’ve seen, it appears that they’ve achieved this goal.


It’s been awhile since a Honda has gotten us excited, but the new Fit sure looks promising on paper.

What do you think about the new Fit?


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  • Travis M

    I’ve always had a thing for the Fit even though it has never really been a car that fits my needs.

    • Sujeet

      Definitely Travis, me too.. If they had given the Fit or CR-Z some real horsepower (like what Ford did with the Fiesta ST), I’d have seriously considered them. But it’s clear that Honda is targeting the ECO crowd with both cars. :(

  • Photo2c

    I bought a Honda Fit Sport Automatic new back in March 2007. And it has been the Best Car I have owned. I plan on keeping it forever or until it dies. I was told of the new Honda Fit when I was getting an Oil Change at my Honda Dealership. When I asked if I had seen the new 2015 Honda Fits. I said no but I have since checked them out. And I’m not a huge fan. My 2007 Honda Fit is a “True Classic” my front seats after you remove the head rests match with the back seats and you have a great place to sit and have your legs relax on your front seats. The new body design should have stayed as a Fit not a smaller looking CR-V. If I wanted a CR-V then I would buy a CR-V! Inside I have no real problem at this time. and I pray that Honda can still keep the cost down. I bought my 2007 Honda Fit Sport Automatic with tax for $18,200. Keep it under $19,500 for the new 2015 Honda Fit and that I could live with. Make this car cost $22,000 dollars and the next time I need a New Car I will go with another car company.

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