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Likely Causes Of Balding And Prevention



Male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) is the most common type of hair loss in males, and it’s believed that 50% of all men over the age of 50 will be affected by baldness to some extent.

What Is Balding Caused By?

Baldness in men in many cases is caused by genetics and through a family history of hair loss. Research has suggested that male pattern baldness is associated with male sex hormone called androgens, as these have the job of regulating hair growth (among other things). While inherited male baldness usually has no medical ill effects, sometimes baldness can be due to more serious causes such as thyroid conditions, cancers, medications and anabolic steroids. Doctors use the pattern of hair loss to diagnose male pattern baldness.

Can Balding Be Prevented?

There is currently no known way to prevent male pattern baldness. There are theories that stress can cause hair loss due to the increasing production levels of sex hormones in the body. Reducing your stress levels by participating in relaxing activities such as exercising, walking, listening to music and enjoying quiet time can help in reducing stress and this reducing signs of hair loss, although this is no guarantee.

Health Tourism

While the UK has an excellent healthcare system, issues with budgeting and stretched resources mean that hair transplants are not available to be had under the NHS. Similarly, if you go to cosmetic surgeons to get a hair transplant, you can be quoted anything to £20,000 in some cases which has given rise to the popularity of health tourism. Health tourism is defined as travelling abroad in order to receive medical care.

Many Brits have recommended the company Longevita for the best hair transplant in Turkey. Hair transplants have been changing the way people feel about their appearance for years. Losing hair can cause a massive drain to your confidence which makes the hair transplant procedure so important in restoring people’s lives to normal. From personal to professional pursuits, hair transplants have helped alieve people’s anxieties. Hair transplants are also one of the more natural cosmetic procedures medical practitioners can perform. The process is fair non-invasive and is far quicker than undergoing other procedures, meaning you’ll be back to your everyday life in no time at all.

Am I At Risk?

Male pattern baldness can begin young as teenagers but more commonly occurs in men, particularly as they grow older. Genetics also play a big role, so if you are aware of other male members in your family suffering from the conditions, it does increase your likelihood of contracting male pattern baldness.

How Do I Know If I’m Losing My Hair?

We all lose (on average) 50-100 hairs a day so there is no need to worry about male pattern baldness unless you are beginning to notice hair loss on the temples or crown of your head. Some men will get a single bald spot while others experience an ‘M’ shapes receding hairline. If you’re worried about your hair loss, simply contact your doctor for a proper diagnosis. With advancements to technology making hair transplants easily attainable and easy, you shouldn’t worry about being left with no hair on your head.

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Gear Up For March Madness With These Great Deals From Target

March Madness is my favorite time of year.. But it’s also the most stressful, as all it takes is one little upset to send my bracket into a tailspin. The same holds true when it comes to your grooming game. Finding the right personal care products […]



Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum, but all opinions are my own.

March Madness is my favorite time of year.. But it’s also the most stressful, as all it takes is one little upset to send my bracket into a tailspin. The same holds true when it comes to your grooming game. Finding the right personal care products can be a shoot and miss. So before game day is here, we’re here to help you find the items you need to stay fresh and clean before the jump ball.

Now I know what you’re thinking.. “Hey, I use soap, what more do I need?” Sorry guys, but it’s time to expand your personal care regimen beyond functional hygiene and get something that celebrates your true character and what makes you unique.

I’m personally a big fan of Unilever’s Men’s grooming products, which include AXE, Degree, Suave Men, and Dove Men + Care. They’ve got a wide variety of scents to choose from, all the products work great, and they won’t break the bank. They’re also the Official Men’s Personal Care Products of the NCAA®.

I’ve been using AXE products since college, and they’re constantly adding new products and scents that work great and smell amazing. I highly recommend AXE Body Wash (Apollo is my favorite), AXE Body Spray (to stay fresh on the go) and AXE Styling (to keep your hair looking on point all day long).

Degree Advanced Protection Deodorant is a must as well, as it provides powerful sweat and odor protection with a fresh fragrance, no matter what life throws your way.. even if it’s a last-minute loss at the buzzer.

I’m confident that once you see and feel the benefits of their products, you will realize these brands make the perfect starting lineup for your grooming and hygiene needs.

If you’re ready to improve your personal grooming game, Target has some pretty sweet offers for you to take advantage of now and in the coming weeks:

  • From 3/11 – 3/17, buy any four AXE, Degree Men, Dove Men+Care or Suave Men products, and you’ll receive a $5 Target Gift Card.
  • From 3/18 – 3/24, score 15% off any AXE, Dove Men + Care, Suave Men or Degree Men product when you use the Cartwheel app.
  • From 3/25 – 4/7, score 10% off any AXE, Dove Men + Care, Suave Men or Degree Men product when you use the Cartwheel app.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to your local Target and take advantage of these killer deals before it’s too late! And let us know which product(s) you ended up buying in the comments.

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New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. Goes Undercover As Head & Shoulders Massage Therapist



Odell Beckham Jr.  works as Head & Shoulders massage therapist

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. picked up a little side gig, working as a Head & Shoulders massage therapist, much to the surprise of his fans.


Actually, Head & Shoulders’ new mane man pulled off a hilarious prank, going undercover at the Shoulders of Greatness Spa as a massage therapist. Odell surprised some of his fans with scalp and shoulder massages to help relieve the pressures they carry on their shoulders.

Watch as Beckham rubs them down and goes on and on about how his fans have “shoulders of greatness” and “really nice scalps” before revealing his true identity and making the day of some of his biggest fans! Seriously, how great is that?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Head & Shoulders, but all opinions are my own.

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Say Goodbye To Shaving Nicks And Cuts With Glyder Styptic Balm



Use Glyder To Stop Shaving Nicks In Their Tracks

Shaving technology has advanced pretty far since the introduction of the straight razor, but it is still no walk in the park. Not only that, but unless you work as a lumberjack, you probably need to shave regularly in order to professional.

Shaving means risking all kinds of horrors.. Electric razors never give you a clean enough shave, leaving you with no choice but to risk turning your face into a labyrinth of bloody cuts, even if you’ve got the steady hands of a surgeon. The best you could hope for was to use a chalky, evil-smelling styptic pencil to get some relief.

Introducing Glyder

Glyder Styptic Shaving Balm

The days of plastering little squares of toilet paper all over your face are over. Glyder Styptic Balm, the best shaving care product you never knew you needed, is here to save you from the horrors of blood on your shirt collar or from smelling like the inside of a medicine cabinet.

Using the same antihemorrhagic agents that that make styptic pencils work, Glyder stops your bleeding in its tracks without that awful smell or chalky feel. Loaded with all-natural skin soothing substances like Argan Oil, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera, Glyder doesn’t just keep you from getting bloody – it helps repair the damage you just did to your face in a way that’s scientifically proven. It’s also a lot more hygienic than a roll of toilet paper!

Save Your Face with Glyder

Glyder Styptic Shaving Balm

Nobody thinks about the beating men’s faces go through. Years of pummeling your skin on a daily basis can leave your face looking like it’s made out of shoe leather, and unless you’re Robert Redford that’s not a look everyone can pull off. Plus, do you really want to look like you lost a fight with an angry badger?

You can short-circuit all that garbage with Glyder. Combining styptic agents with skin-soothers and making it easy to apply with a balm that feels clean on your skin and doesn’t make you smell awful, Glyder not only stops bleeding caused by shaving nicks and cuts but protects your face in the long run.

So Glyder must be some super-expensive product that only the most affluent can afford, right? Think again – it’s just $9.99, available straight from the company. Glyder even throws in free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

So what are you waiting for, try out Glyder for yourself today!

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