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Make Life’s Ups and Downs Enjoyable: Roller Coaster Vacations



Maverick Hill Cedar Point

There has never been a better time for a great roller coaster adventure. Whether you’re planning a fun family holiday or want to get away with friends, a trip to one of the hundreds of amusement parks in the US is a great time for all. According to the Roller Coaster Data Base, there are over 747 roller coasters in North America with more being constructed every year. It would take you almost two years to ride every one!

While California and Florida duke it out for theme park/amusement park supremacy, Ohio quietly boasts some of the best roller coasters on the planet. Those from northern Ohio fiercely defend the superiority of their beloved Cedar Point, while those in the south near Cincinnati love King’s Island. We’ll start our journey there.

Before you conquer the Gemini, remember to organize travel insurance in the unfortunate case of severe weather, sudden illness or a car accident. Worst case scenario, if you have an emergency tire repair on your drive back home and you do not have the money to cover the expense, you may be able to get financial assistance through means such as going online for an alternative to a payday loan in Ohio, which will sustain you until you get home.

Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

With the third fastest roller coaster in the world—The Top Thrill Dragster—Cedar Point is a top weekend getaway for northern Ohioans and die-hard rollercoaster enthusiasts. The park offers live performances and plenty of great food. Try Pink’s Hot Dogs—they have so many toppings that you’ll need to eat them with a fork! You can even stay in the beach-front resort for a truly relaxing holiday. If you are traveling with someone who likes to keep their feet on the ground, a nearby African lion safari and the Edison Museum are fun destinations.

King’s Island, King’s Mill, Ohio

While Cedar Point puts an emphasis on roller coasters, King’s Island is a little more family oriented. It still has plenty of stomach-turning rides, but it also has a lot of rides for kids. The Soak City waterpark is a great stop on a hot and humid Ohio summer day. 

Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey

You can’t say you are a roller coaster pro until you have tried the Kingda Ka—the tallest in the world and fastest in North America. Six Flags also offers water rides, children-friendly adventures and live entertainment. You can avoid long lines by using a Flash Pass and reserving your ride time in advance.

Universal Studios, Los Angeles, California

Discover your favorite movie and television shows up close with a trip to Universal Studios. Here you can watch short films and go on themed roller coasters and adventure rides like Transformers: The Ride-3D. The Jurassic Park ride makes you feel like you’re on Isla Nublar. You can also meet some of your favorite movie characters around the park. Should you find yourself at the park on New Year’s Eve you can listen to live music and watch a spectacular midnight fireworks display.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida

Disney World is one of the most visited theme parks in the world, according to Here you will find the infamous Space Mountain and Matterhorn. Your kids may love ‘It’s a Small World,’ but it will take a few days to get the song out of your head after you ride it. You can also, of course, meet Mickey Mouse and all of his Disney friends.

SeaWorld, San Diego, California

You can get wet and wild and discover life under the sea at Sea World. Take a journey to Atlantis, get shipwrecked or have a close encounter with sharks. SeaWorld is a great option for a family vacation with lots of thrill rides, interactive activities and educational programs. You can easily spend a week in San Diego. After taking a day or two at Sea World, check out the world famous San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park or the WWII aircraft carrier, the USS Midway.

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Equipment and Supplies Necessary For A Hunting Trip



Hunters can not head out on a hunting trip without first gathering the necessary equipment and supplies. They won’t be able to take down the prey without having the means to do so, and they can’t keep themselves safe without the right gear. Bringing the right equipment and supplies out hunting will be the difference between a successful trip and an unsuccessful one.

Rifle or Bow

There is one main piece of equipment a hunter needs, and that is their weapon. It’s difficult to take an animal down without the proper weapon to do so. The season in which you’re hunting plays a major role in determining whether you should take a rifle or bow. A bow is often the preferred hunting method because it’s quieter and the arrows can be reused time and time again. Shops like James River Archery offer the latest technology in hunting equipment, including the Micro Hex Hunting Stabilizer.

Something Orange

Hunters are meant to wear something orange, typically a hat or vest, in an effort to protect themselves. They may want to stay camouflaged and hidden from whatever animals they’re hunting, but they need to let other hunters in the area know they’re there as well. Seeing a bright orange color from a distance will let others know not to shoot in that direction. It’s a simple safety precaution that must be taken by every hunter.

Warm, Yet Protective Clothes and Boots

Hunting gear includes clothing and shoes. A hunter’s outfit must keep them warm no matter what temperature they’re in, especially since many tend to head out in the early morning hours when it’s still chilly. The outfit should also help protect the hunter, providing extra layers to keep the weather and insects and critters, from doing any harm. Both an inner and outer layer should be worn along with weatherproof and all-terrain boots that are comfortable for long treks through the wood.


Animals can often smell humans in the area without needing to see them. If they can tell that a person is nearby they’re more likely to wander off in the opposite direction. Using a scent-blocker on the clothing worn can help keep a person’s scent at bay so no prey knows they’re nearby. A more attractive scent can be used to attract the animal, such as doe urine to bring more bucks to the area thinking a female is near. Hunters will use different foods and scents depending on the type of animal they’re hunting. While deer enjoy eating corn and peas, rabbits will come to an apple cider scent or apples.

Hunting License

No one should ever head out hunting without first obtaining the proper license. There are only a certain number of game a person can tag and bring in to have processed and used for meat. People can face serious fines if found hunting without a license, so it’s better to start off each season with an updated version. Hunting and fishing licenses can often be obtained online or from a store that sells hunting gear. Hunting big game requires people to apply and be selected before they can continue.

The right equipment and supplies need to be worn and brought along on a hunting excursion. Without them, the venture would not be successful. Certain rules and requirements have been made for hunting for a reason, so all hunters will be safe and protected while they’re out in the wilderness.

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From Smoke To Vapor: Is It For You?



Over the past few years, vaping has become incredibly popular. It’s proven to be a very strong competitor to traditional smoking, leading lots of people to ditch cigarettes in favor of vaping.

People are making that choice for several reasons. If you’re thinking about making the switch yourself, you may find it a little strange to think that you can just drop cigarettes in favor of vaping, and certainly the transition will take some adjusting. But in time, you may find that the advantages of changing will be easy to see, and they’ll give you plenty of reason to stay with vaping.

You Can Choose Your Product

Generally speaking, a cigarette is a cigarette. The flavor is the same, the nicotine content is the same, and even the appearance does not vary dramatically from brand to brand. About the only distinction is the carton, which spends most of its time in your pocket or purse anyway.

With vaping, you can mix things up a little bit. You can find vape and ejuice deals that will let you try any of a number of different flavors and levels of nicotine, all without spending hours digging through stores. They can range from the tame to the extreme, and if you don’t like them, you can change them.

Your vaporizer itself also reflects your personality. Because vapers use the same device for months or even years, they work hard to avoid designs that cramp their style and push them back to cigarettes.

It’s Smoking Without The Smoke

Clearly, vaping is not nearly as intrusive as smoking. The vapor does not carry the distinctive odor of cigarette smoke, making it far less unpleasant to those around you. The vapor doesn’t discolor clothing or leave your vehicle permeated with an almost-indestructible odor.

Vaping is based on water vapor instead of acrid smoke. It isn’t intrusive to those around you; it doesn’t burn their eyes or leave them coughing and sneezing anytime you’re around. And it’s short-lived, dissipating quickly into the air around you while still giving you that smoking look.

Vaping Is Safer & Cleaner

A fundamental component of a cigarette is the combustion. A tiny but incredibly hot area of tobacco converting to ash dangles delicately at the very end of the cigarette, ready to fall loose or to be dropped with the entire cigarette. Over the years, there have been countless cases of injuries and deaths from these small points of ignition, along with equally innumerable cases of damaged clothing, furniture, carpet, and other valuables that were on the receiving end of a dropped or falling cigarette.

Cigarette smoke also discolors your teeth, your clothing, your paint–you name it. It also leaves behind messy cigarette butts that clog storm sewers, fill trash cans, and create a fire hazard both in buildings and in the outdoors.

There is a lot of appeal to nicotine. Smokers enjoy the feeling they get from nicotine, but smoking has always been problematic in terms of its risks as a fire hazard as well as the unpopular and unpleasant impacts of the smoker on those around them who are not smoking.

Vaping eliminates both the fire danger and the troublesome smoke, allowing the vaper to enjoy nicotine without creating such an imposition on those around them. These benefits are the driving force between the growing popularity of vaping, and they suggest the trend will continue.


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This Airline Is Paying One Lucky Person $4,500/Mo To Travel The World



How would you like to spend the summer traveling the world, and getting paid good money to do so? Well you’re in luck, because the Iceland-based budget airline WOW Air is currently on the hunt for their first-ever WOW Air Travel Guide.

One lucky winner will score a 3-month summer job of their dreams, which entails relocating to Iceland, and then traveling the world and exploring some of WOW air’s 38 destinations across Europe & North America, documenting your travels to create a complete digital Travel Guide.

Better still, you get to bring a friend with you to share in this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and they will also get paid. Speaking of which, each of you will be earning $4,550 per month, which is pretty amazing considering I would do something like this for free!

If you’re ready to drop everything to move to Reykjavik, Iceland, spend the summer exploring new countries, sampling the best each destination has to offer, while making some healthy bank, then head over to the WOW Travel Guide site to fill out the written application and to submit a short video travel guide of your hometown.

Don’t wait too long, as they’re only accepting application through May 14th. If you’re picked, your journey begins on June 1st. So hopefully you’ve got an up-to-date passport.

Good luck!

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