pizza cake

Boston Pizza, a pizza chain in Canada who last year brought us the PizzaBurger, is currently hosting a new contest to find the next Pizza Game Changer. This year there are all kinds of pizza-things in the running, from mild (pizza-flavored breath mints and pizza air fresheners) to wild (pizza-holding shirt pockets, gas-powered pizza cutters, and of course, a whole pizza-crusted pizza cake).

They’ve put together a website where you can vote for your favorite Pizza Game Changer, and right now the Pizza Cake is enjoying a HUGE lead, with nearly 22,000 votes. No surprise there. What’s more surprising is that 3200 people think that Pizza Mints are a good idea. Because who doesn’t want their breath to smell like pizza, am I right?

If you want Boston Pizza to make the Pizza Cake a reality, head over to and cast your vote now.


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