NFL Stars Unite For 2nd Annual ‘NFL Characters Unite’

NFL Characters Unite

USA Network is extending the football season just a little bit longer with the presentation of their 2nd annual NFL Characters Unite documentary, set to premiere the week after Super Bowl XLVII on Friday, February 8th at 7pm ET.

The film, part of USA’s award-winning Characters Unite public service campaign to combat prejudice and discrimination, will feature Arizona Cardinals 2009 Pro Bowl MVP wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain, Pittsburgh Steelers seven-time Pro Bowl safety Troy Polamalu and New York Giants Pro Bowl defensive end Justin Tuck.

All four, who have experienced enormous success on the field, have also overcome hate and bigotry in their lives.

In the documentary, the NFL stars share their own personal journeys- from Jameel McClain feeling ostracized when his family was homeless and the bullying Justin Tuck endured while trying to succeed in school, to the discrimination Larry Fitzgerald witnessed during his mother’s battle with cancer and Troy Polamalu learning to embrace his heritage and unique look. Each player helps to transform the life of a teen currently dealing with a similar situation.

Through candid interviews and special one-on-one activities, these on- and off-the-field heroes help bring diverse people together, change attitudes and instill courage and compassion.

Together, we can help spread the word about these high-profile athletes making a difference, and this great cause. You can participate by uploading and sharing your own “I Won’t Stand For…” stories at, and via Twitter using the #IWontStandFor hashtag.


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