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Nine Tips For Successfully Managing A Bar



bartender with flair

Sure, Tom Cruise made it look easy in Cocktail, but managing a bar is not easy. You have to make sure that everything goes as it should, and alcohol is everywhere. Keep a few simple tips in mind to make managing a bar more manageable.

1. Have Training Procedures for New Staff

Make sure all new hires know the way you do things at your bar. Even experienced staff can get lost in a new environment, and it is important to make sure everyone is on the same page. Have training that all new staff has to complete before you let them handle things solo, and make sure your customers get the kind of service they expect at your bar.

2. Theft Happens

It’s important to be hyper vigilant about employees stealing from your bar. Look for suspicious shortages that happen only when a certain employee is around or a high number of “no sales” rings on the POS. And be sure to address issues with theft promptly and appropriately.

3. Take a Few Shifts Every Week

The best way to know what’s going on behind the bar is to work behind the bar. It lets you get real feedback from customers, and make sure everything is in order without excessive snooping.

4. Stay Organized and Double Check Tasks

You need to delegate routine cleaning and inventory tasks to your employees. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure nothing has been overlooked. Keep things organized to ensure that your bar will run smoothly.

5. Make Sure Equipment Is New

Don’t make your employees continually apologize to customers when the ice machine has stopped working, again. Up-to-date equipment can drive returns by making it easy for your employees to do their jobs. Look at used equipment stores or wait for sales to get the equipment you need.

6. Don’t Lean, Clean

A dirty establishment is unacceptable. Make sure everything is wiped down, every glass is spotless, and every bucket for cleaning towels has the right amount of bleach. Also, make sure the bathroom is clean and stocked throughout the entire evening.

7. Have a Positive Relationship With Suppliers

Your suppliers have more power than you may think. Establish good rapport early on, and they might be able to give you deals. Liquor and beer suppliers can often get branded napkins and coasters for free. Find ways to save money that do not give customers a poor experience.

8. Change Is a Good Thing

Change your beer and drink menu every season. Keep your customers excited about trying new drinks, and encourage them to order seasonal beers or new cocktails.

9. Recognize When Someone Needs to Be Cut Off

Train your staff to recognize when to cut someone off. The safety of your staff and customers should be your biggest concern at all times, and you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the law. Call a cab for customers that have had too much to drink, and make sure everyone has a safe night.

Managing a bar does not have to be impossible. However, it is a learned skill. Keep some essential tips in mind, and get off to a great start. It’s a tough job, but it’s also a very rewarding and fun job.

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Bud Light Kicks Off The Football Season With Two New ‘Dilly Dilly’ Spots



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Bud Lights For Everyone:

During the college football kickoff weekend, Bud Light previewed this spot, which depicts our regal King gifting his kingdom’s loyal habitants with his favorite light lager, Bud Light, when one of the pub patrons asks for a mead. The ad highlights the one friend in every group who tries to show off their sophisticated palette, even when it contradicts the group’s preference.

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Here’s hoping that these two are just the first in a long line of Dilly Dilly commercials that run throughout the season!

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Busch Light Gets In On The Pumpkin Spice Latte Craze With ‘Busch Latte’



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Last week, Starbucks announced that they were bringing back their Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Busch Light wasted no time in getting in on the action by temporarily rebranding Busch Light as Busch Latte, and sharing a photo of the new can on Twitter.

As expected, Twitter lost their collective minds, with people rushing out to score some Busch Latte of their very own. The only problem? It’s not real. No, it’s just a clever marketing stunt that pokes fun at the PSL craze. Well played Busch Light!

But they didn’t stop there. In addition to the photoshopped Busch Latte cans on Twitter, they also rolled out a series of mobile #BuschLatte billboards in St Louis, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, parking outside of various Starbucks for the ultimate in trolling.

Busch Latte Billboard

While you can’t get your hands on any physical Busch Latte cans, you can snag some sweet Busch Latte merch here, with a selection of shirts and coozies to choose from.

Here’s hoping that AB actually released some Busch Latte cans, as I’d definitely buy them! 🙂

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Bud Light Victory Fridges To Reward Fans Upon Cleveland Browns’ First Win



Bud Light Victory Fridge

To say that the Cleveland Browns have been on a losing streak would be putting it mildly. The team has only won a single game in the past two seasons. In fact, Johnny Manziel was the last quarterback to win a game for the Browns. Pretty crazy, right?

Bud Light believes in the Browns though, and to show their support they’ve rolled out a bunch of Victory Fridges across various Cleveland watering holes, filled with ice-cold Bud Light. The only catch? These fridges are currently locked.

Featuring a smart-technology, all of the Victory Fridges will simultaneously unlock after the Browns capture their first regular-season victory and snap their winless streak, giving fans 21 and over the chance to enjoy the sweet taste of victory together. Dilly Dilly!

“The Bud Light Browns ‘Victory Fridge’ is a fun way to celebrate and reward a fanbase that has never wavered in enthusiasm or dedication for their team no matter what happens. We’re proud to show our support for Cleveland, and we’re always looking to bring NFL fans and friends together for memorable experiences. It’s going to be fun to be part of the celebration when the team earns their first victory of the season,” said Andy Goeler, Vice-President of Marketing, Bud Light.

Here’s hoping that Bud Light has a good shelf life, because I just don’t see the Browns’ losing streak ending anytime soon. 🙂

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