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  • President Obama is DEAD?!

    This local Fox 5 News anchor became an overnight Internet sensation with his Freudian slip. Some of the comments on this video are pretty funny, like these: blksept: president obama telling the world president obama is dead. . . right, got it! RockyBalboa211: Zombie Obama […]

  • How Obama’s Press Conference Really Went

    How Obama’s Press Conference Really Went

    (Thanks to Turd Ferguson for the image above) Sorry, we don’t really talk politics on here, but this news is just too important to ignore. My only question is this – Was the press conference purposely scheduled for this time just to fuck with Trump? […]

  • The Best Of The Web – April 30th

    The Best Of The Web – April 30th

    Ever wonder what kind of sites we read in our spare time? Check out some of our top picks: School Is A Lot More Fun Now-A-Days (Turd Ferguson) Happy Boy Shorts Appreciation Day (Coed Magazine) Kate Middleton’s Hot Royal Ass In A Bikini For Her […]

  • 5 Must-Have Car Accessories

    5 Must-Have Car Accessories

    There are some basic car accessories that every man should have on hand to deal with any situation that might come up. Here are our top picks: 1. Jumper Cables Carrying jumper cables in your trunk is a no-brainer. If you forget to turn off […]

  • White iPhone FINALLY Arrives

    White iPhone FINALLY Arrives

    On June 24 2010, the world was introduced to the iPhone 4. And now, 10 months later, the white iPhone is finally available for purchase. “The white iPhone 4 has finally arrived and it’s beautiful,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product […]

  • The Economic Impact Of The NFL Lockout

    The Economic Impact Of The NFL Lockout

    As the labor dispute between the NFL and the players union continue to press on, many fear the impact the lockout will have – Not only on the future on the NFL, but on the small business and cities that rely on NFL-related revenues. Here’s […]

  • I’m Going To The 2011 NFL Draft!

    I’m Going To The 2011 NFL Draft!

    Yours truly will be in New York City tonight for the 2011 NFL Draft, courtesy of General Motors! A number of local Eagles bloggers were invited by GM, and Eagles Gab was one of them. Since the rest of the Eagles Gab crew lives too […]

  • Can Tastykake Be Saved?

    Can Tastykake Be Saved?

    A few weeks ago, I posted about how Tastykake was sold to Flower Foods, and what that might mean for the future of the brand. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Tastykake for the past few years now, as quality control has gotten worse and […]






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