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  • What I’m Listening To – 3/15/11

    What I’m Listening To – 3/15/11

    I was going to call this weekly column New Music Monday, but I didn’t feel like waiting until next week to get started. 🙂 I’m the “music guy” in the office. My tastes run far and wide, so you probably won’t like everything I’m listening […]

  • Lilo’s Court Appeal

    Lilo’s Court Appeal

    Is it me or does that Lohan have some nice court appeal? Her assets do wonders, however, I’m not sure the LA court will see it my way. Yesterday’s dress: And let’s not forget about the infamous white dress: Here is her original “suit” for […]

  • TRON: Legacy DVD Release Date Announced

    TRON: Legacy DVD Release Date Announced

    Walt Disney Pictures has announced the DVD release date for TRON: Legacy as well as the original TRON movie – April 5, 2011. Multiple versions will be available, each with their own set of bonus features! Synsopsis Disney presents a high-tech motion picture unlike anything […]

  • My New TV: Samsung PN50C680

    My New TV: Samsung PN50C680

    The flat panel televisions on display at CES 2011 were stunning reminders of how fast things are moving in this technology sector. More than just televisions, big screen flat panels are capable of bringing more detailed images of the outside world into living rooms than […]

  • Car Review: 2011 Chrysler 200

    Car Review: 2011 Chrysler 200

    On February 6th, Chrysler kicked off the Super Bowl with an expensive 2-minute commercial for the new Chrysler 200. The commercial was an immediate success, racking up over 9 million views on YouTube, and making headlines around the world. If you haven’t seen it, click […]

  • Detroit Car Companies Stepping Up Their Game!

    Detroit Car Companies Stepping Up Their Game!

    It’s taken far too long, but the Big Three automakers are finally putting out quality cars that will give imports a run for their money! About Me: I’ve owned a number of American cars over the years — 94 Ford Mustang, 95 Ford Taurus SHO, […]

  • Is Charlie Sheen Really “Winning”?

    Is Charlie Sheen Really “Winning”?

    I’ve been watching the whole Charlie Sheen debacle play out over the past few weeks. I didn’t give it much thought until I caught the 20/20 special last week, where all hell broke loose! After watching the interview, I looked at Sheen in a different […]






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