The DVR, probably the most popular TV-related invention since the remote control, has earned a special place in the hearts – and eyes – of TV viewers everywhere. It is freedom from time in a box, or as an FCC commissioner once called it: “God’s Machine.”

Well, what if one company announced that it has found the Holy Grail of DVR technology? A machine so magical and magnificent it serves the ENTIRE home, records five favorite shows at the same time, and has up to 3x more HD capacity than cable providers?

DIRECTV pulled back the veil on the industry’s most advanced and intuitive HD DVR today, the DIRECTV Genie. And it’s a Genie that will grant more than three wishes.

Just look at the Genie’s features:

5 Tuners

  • Record up to 6 programs of your choice at the same time on one Genie, including 1 VOD download

Full HD DVR functionality in every connected room

  • Pause and rewind live TV in every room
  • Record and delete shows in every room
  • Watch the same recorded show on multiple Clients simultaneously (up to 4 TVs at a time)
  • View and record DIRECTV On Demand programs in every room

1 Terabyte (TB) of Storage

  • Store up to 200 hours of HD programming
  • With 800 hours of SD storage, you can record over 1,500 shows

DIRECTV RVU Technology

  • One receiver serves your entire home, so you can enjoy DVR service on every TV, except without the DVR at each TV. That means no more boxes in view.
  • Connect up to 8 RVU-enabled TVs to a single Genie


  • Watch 2 shows at once without having to change channels

Genie Recommendations

  • Recommends and suggests recording options for new shows that match your preferences, so it’s never been easier to find programming you might like
  • Discover new shows based on your tastes
  • Start shows from the beginning with one-click-rewind. (Icon displays when feature is available)
  • Catch up on missed episodes, watch your Genie-recommended shows now or later

If I had DirecTV, I’d get one of these in a SECOND! My DVR fills up so quickly, and don’t even get me started on the conflicts I have to deal with because of the timing games some networks play! The ability to record 5 shows at once + 1TB of storage = TV nirvana!

According to DirecTV’s site, the Genie has a MSRP of $299, and the Genie Mini clients cost $99/each. However, new customers will be able to get the Genie and up to three Genie Mini’s for free if they sign up for an extended service contract.


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