In the age before digital music, we were forced to listen to music one CD at a time. I had a sweet Aiwa 3-disc changer system, complete with high-end JBL speakers and a powered subwoofer. It was cutting edge at the time (circa 1994), but by the year 2000, this system was collecting dust in the corner of my room, as the MP3 had taken over and I no longer had use for CDs.

Fast forward to 2015, and thanks to my trusty iPhone, I’ve always got 1500 songs at my disposal at any given moment. But what we’ve lost in the process is a way to truly appreciate quality music. Most of us listen to our music through headphones, computer speakers, or portable Bluetooth speakers, none of which are great options for those concerned with high fidelity.

That’s where the Griffin Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier comes in. Redesigned and unveiled at CES a few weeks ago, the new Twenty connects to your speakers and streams music from any handheld Bluetooth-enabled device, giving you the convenience of streaming music wirelessly throughout the home or office.


In addition, the Twenty also has an optical input, so you can listen to audio from your computer, tuner, home theater, turntable, or other audio source. So, whether you’re streaming from your phone, gaming, or watching a movie, Twenty delivers the best sounding Bluetooth and digital audio that you have ever heard.

With 20 watts per channel, Twenty provides ample volume through non-powered speakers, and even has an output for a subwoofer. Twenty’s crisp, clean playback is courtesy of high-end AAC / aptX audio streaming digital codecs.

Setting up Twenty is simple. Connect your favorite speakers to Twenty’s speaker posts, then pair your phone or tablet and hit Play. And with Twenty’s single-button design, all you have to do is press the Quick Connect button on the front to reconnect a previously paired device and start listening immediately.


Twenty looks as beautiful as it sounds. Whether you place it next to the stereo, on your desk, or between the speakers, Twenty’s sleek good looks fit in anywhere. The clean minimal visual aesthetic combines thoughtful industrial design with recognizable function, all the way down to the brushed aluminum volume knob.

I’ve been using Twenty for the past few weeks, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m able to enjoy my music like never before, with dynamic, clear sound engulfing my room like never before. My neighbors might not be as happy about it, but that’s their problem..

I’ve only got one minor complaint, and that’s the fact that you have to physically adjust the volume. While this won’t be a problem for most since you can control the volume through your Bluetooth device, if you plug your HDTV directly into it and need to raise or lower the volume during a show or movie, you’ve got to get up to do that. But it’s a small price to pay for a superior viewing experience.

The new Twenty is now available at for $149.99.