The Rimac Concept_One is an electric supercar that’ll change the way you look at electric cars. Why? Because it puts out 1088HP, by way of four electric motors!

Rimac is a Croatian manufacturer, and they’ve built a supercar like no other. It’s brutally fast (0-62MPH in 2.8s), has a maximum range of 375 miles (thanks to a 92kWh lithium ion phosphate battery), and the four electric motors enable torque vectoring across all four wheels — varying the power at each corner to pull the car around turns.

A recent episode of Tech Toys 360 on Velocity showed what the Concept_One was capable of on their test track. Most impressive is the car’s trick technology that lets you dial in oversteer, understeer, or neutral handling based on your preference.

Here’s a little teaser for you:

It’s awesome to see electric cars shedding the image of being slow, tree-hugger, hippie mobiles. 🙂

The Concept_One is expected to cost around $980,000 when it comes to market. If I won the Powerball last night, I would have ordered one. But since I didn’t, these photos will have to do..