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Should You Sign A Prenuptial Agreement Before Getting Married?



You might think that prenuptial agreements are only necessary for Hollywood celebrities or titans of industry, and that broaching this sensitive subject with your future spouse might cause some friction.

But here’s the thing. While you hope that you’ll be with your future wife for the rest of your life, statistics paint a far bleaker picture. So signing a prenup that establishes the property and financial rights for each of you is wise “just in case”, especially if either one of you has personal or business assets from before your marriage, or debt that you don’t want the other to be responsible for.

Sadly, I’ve had more than a few friends get divorced over the past few years, and in each case they got taken to the cleaners. My one buddy lost his house, assumed his wife’s credit card debt ($80K), and is stuck paying alimony to her for the next six years, and he now lives in a dumpy apartment. How is that even remotely fair?!

When he got married, be thought that they’d be together “till death do us part”, so he didn’t see the need for a prenup. But he learned his lesson the hard way, and he’s definitely getting a prenup drafted up if he decides to get married again. An expensive lesson learned the hard way, that’s for sure..

Listen, I get it. Telling your significant other that you want them to sign a prenuptial agreement is unromantic, could create some resentment, or make it seem like there’s a lack of lifetime commitment to one another. But as you can see, if things go south in your marriage, it can get ugly.. and expensive.

So before you get married, talk to your fiancé about why the two of you should consider a prenup, and talk to an attorney like the family lawyers Parramatta, who can draft up a prenup that’s agreeable to all parties.

Hopefully you’ll beat the odds and have a happy, life-long marriage. But if you don’t, you’ll be happy you had her sign that prenup before getting married!

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Five Of The Best Sporting Rifles For 2018



2018 has brought with it a wide range of new rifle choices for everyone from seasoned hunters to young enthusiasts who are just starting out with a weapon. Choosing a rifle is a very personal decision, but there are some important factors to take into account, including the capabilities of the weapon when compared to your needs and the affordability of the rifle in relation to your budget.

Taking a look at reviews by experts such as Gun Gods can make choosing a rifle and scope a lot easier. When you are reading reviews, here are five rifles that you may want to pay particular attention to.

Barrett Fieldcraft

This is a graceful looking weapon that is bolt-action and has a stock made from carbon fiber. It’s a super light rifle to carry and features barrel lengths between eighteen and twenty-four inches, having a caliber of between .22/250 to .30/06. This is a very impressive weapon that is surprisingly affordable at around $1,800.

Mauser M18

Mauser has produced this weapon with the aim of being more affordable to the masses. Unlike the controlled-feed action Mausers that you may know well, this rifle has a turnbolt action. It’s still a highly effective weapon. Available in calibers from 6.5 Creedmoor to .300 Win Mag, it seems like a rifle that is real easy to get hits with. It’s also an affordable addition to the Mauser range, coming in at just under $700 compared to the $14,000 you would have to part with for some Mausers.

Weatherby – Mark V CarbonMark

Weatherby may be one of the newer names on the rifle manufacturing block but the company still produces design classics. This updated version of the Mark V features some high tech additions including a fiber-wrapped barrel. This addition is designed to improve the accuracy of an already impressive weapon. This is a beautiful rifle that retails at around the $4,000 mark.

Winchester – XPR Hunter Compact Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

This is one of the best new rifles available for women and young hunters. It features a barrel that is shorter in length than most and also has a shorter pull. This means that hunters who are smaller in stature can get better results with their accuracy. The weapon is also light to carry so taking off an a long day’s hunting should not be a problem. An added feature of this rifle is the mossy oak break-up country camo which makes it a whole lot harder for game to see that you are around. The price of this weapon is affordable at around $600.

Browning – X-Bolt Pro Long Range

If hunting big game is your aim, then a Browning – X-Bolt Pro Long Range is an excellent choice of rifle. It’s designed for accuracy of shooting long-range. The weapon is not new, having been around for more than a decade, but it does have new design features. These features include a rotary magazine and a feather trigger. The weapon only weighs a little over six pounds too. It retails for around $2,100.

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How Cool Is This

Get Ready To Make Some Waves With The Mako Slingshot Jetboard



Mako Slingshot Jetboard

Surfboards are great for some fun in the sun and riding the waves, but that’s just not extreme enough for some of us. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you want something faster and crazier. Something like the Mako Slingshot. This this is essentially a surfboard with some serious jet power, and it looks like a ton of fun.

Naturally, the Slingshot doesn’t use electricity because water and electricity don’t mix unless you are an electric eel. Instead, it uses jet power, with a fuel-efficient Rotron XT100 100cc 2-stroke engine that produces 15 horsepower. That’s good enough to reach a top speed of 34 miles per hour, and keep this speed up for 40 minutes. Not bad. Not bad at all.

The Slingshot’s tank holds 2.8 liters (0.74 gallons) of fuel, and the engine is fastened to easily accessed mounting points. Apparently, you’re supposed to ride this thing like it is an electric skateboard, controlling the throttle using a remote and pushing a button to start the engine. There’s no revving it up. So it’s easy to use.

Mako Slingshot Jetboard

Thanks to carbon fiber construction, the Slingshot weighs just 42 pounds and it has a weight limit of 220 pounds. It measures 74 inches long and 23.5 inches wide, so you can easily toss it in the back of your car and take it with you anywhere.

It looks like a lot of fun. You’ll be running circles around all of those people on surfboards. Try not to rub it in their face too hard that your ride is cooler. Obviously, this kind of fun doesn’t come cheap. The Slingshot starts at $9,800 and goes up from there depending on which extras you buy for it.

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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Poop



While the majority of us have no trouble openly talking with our friends, family members and coworkers about health issues concerning our cholesterol, heart issues, or other sensitive things. But one topic that is usually off limits is talking about poop. Yes, it’s probably not something you want to bring up at the dinner table, but something like constipation is an essential issue that concerns our health.

Constipation happens to all of us at some point, and it’s a shame that most people fail to open up and discuss about it when it is happening to them. The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons did a research study and found out that 80% of Americans have had trouble pooping at some point or another. If you’ve ever experienced this for yourself and wanted to understand why it happened, fear not, as we’ve compiled a list for you providing you with 5 reasons why you can’t poop:

1. You Don’t Consuming Enough Fiber

A report from the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons showed that from the 80% of Americans who suffer from constipation, a third of them have constipation caused by low fiber. Nutritionists’ advice that you consume fruits at least one fruit every day. They also recommend that you include vegetables in every meal you have. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber which reduces constipation hence; you will not have any more pooping problems.

2. You May Be Suffering From Dehydration

Dehydration is another reason why you might be having pooping problems. When you are dehydrated, you don’t have enough quantity of water in your body. Water is necessary for pooping since it helps the stool to move easily via the colon. Doctors and nutritionists gave their recommendation in a new blogpost that you take at least 8 glasses of water every day. Therefore, if you are having a pooping problem, try and increase the amount of water intake and you should hopefully see some changes.

3. You’re Not Moving Around Enough

If you do not engage your body in activities often, you are likely to experience some pooping problems. When your body is active and in motion, the colon also moves. When the colon moves, it becomes easy to move the stool too. Therefore, it is recommended that you become active, preferably working out regularly. If you are having poop problems, start working out and see if this helps unbind you.

4. You Are Using Narcotics

There are medicines that lead to constipation. Narcotics are one of those medicines. Narcotics are mostly pain relievers. They include codeine, Morphine, Percocet, Oxycontin, Demerol amongst others. In case your doctor has prescribed any of the narcotics and you notice that you are having problems when pooping, you need to inform them so that they can advise on what you are supposed to do, to solve the problem. If you are using narcotic drugs illegally, you should stop with immediate effect since it could not only lead to pooping problems, but it could be dangerous for your health and your well being.

5. You May Have A Health Condition

One of the reasons why you could be experiencing pooping problems is that there is a possibility you have a health condition such as thyroid disorder or even diabetes. These are some of the conditions that can lead to transit constipation, which involves your colon moving more slowly than it should be. Therefore, if you have tried all the tips above and they have not worked for you, you need to seek medical attention. Get tested for these conditions as early as you can for early treatment.

At the end of the day, pooping is a part of the biological process that happens in a human body. Therefore, if you do not poop, you are interfering with your body’s system. There are even people who hold it in especially when they are at the wrong places and time. This could lead to muscle confusions and constipation in return.

So make sure you do the right things to make sure your body is functioning as it should be, and pooping is one of them!

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