Ever wonder what kind of sites we read in our spare time? Check out some of our top picks:

  • Twenty-Five Awesome Vintage Lunchboxes (Gunaxin)
  • 7 Everyday Scenarios That Would be Awesome to Drive the Batmobile to (Fork Party)
  • Classic Drinks Every Guy Should Know How To Make (Bullz-Eye)
  • A Pictorial Tribute to the Daisy Duke (COED Magazine)
  • You Got Chocolate In My Beer.. You Got Beer In My Chocolate! (The Bachelor Guy)
  • The 15 Most Common Ways Girls Try to Look Hotter on Facebook (BroBible)
  • 20 Shocking Photos Of Girls With & Without Profile Photo Angles (Super Booyah)
  • 12 Tips To Keeping That One Night Stand From Being Awkward (MANosterone)
  • What Happened To These Girls? (Artsy Spot)
  • The Funniest Girl’s Fails (12th Blog)
  • A collection with the world’s funniest toilet signs (Brosome)
  • The Six Girls You’ll Date in College [VIDEO] (CollegeHumor)
  • Foursquare For Sex [VIDEO] (CollegeHumor)
  • A Gallery Of People Posing With Incredible Hulk Hands (EgoTV)

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