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The Fun Of Discreet Dating



discreet dating

One Night Stands Actually Take Effort

There is a heck of a lot of nonsense out there that goes around through clichés that state “it’s easy for a man to go out and have multiple one-night stands with whoever he wants. It takes a real man to truly commit to one girl.” This has to be, by far the most utterly false quote I’ve ever heard, and I’ll tell you why. First of all, it is actually difficult to “sleep around” as a guy. In order to pull it off, it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. You must go out often, interact with dozens of women, demonstrate your humor and charisma, and then ultimately convince her that you are a stranger they can trust to bring in your home and have a one-night stand. This is assuming you’re not a celebrity of athlete where women simply flock to once they know your name. Absent the “special cases” of particular men, the truth is it takes a plenty of skill, persistence, and quite frankly, luck, when it comes to successfully having multiple one night stands with women. You may in fact be able to get to a point where you get in a “grove” having a positive streak of success – but ultimately the game being played is an uphill battle with plenty of randomness coming into play.

You could be a perfect match, but in the middle of conversation you find out that but she happens to have a boyfriend. Or that she’s travelling at the moment and her flight leaves at 6 am the next morning and she is unable to come over. Or that she’s a lesbian. Or that she wants to come over but can’t because her friends will label her as a slut, and she does not want to be judged. When you go out, the reasons are endless for her not to come over – and there are plenty times where it was outside of your control. This is similar to gambling or trading in the stock market where you can be completely focused, do everything right, try your very best – and still come up short with results. I don’t mean to be a pessimist when it comes to having one night stands, because it’s certainly possibly. Men pull it off all the time, but for the reasons discussed it’s certainly not easy. The fact that people believe it takes a “real man” to commit to a girl simply means dating a particular girl in his social circle, and settling down with her – that’s it. So although getting one night stands the traditional way is difficult on the face of it, if you go online you can accelerate your results. We can show you how.

Where to Find the Right People for Online Hookups

The best place to start would be to visit a site where people are clear about expectations. Apps like Tinder or Bumble have too many users with different intentions that it’s difficult to find your perfect match for a simple or even meet local sluts. We would be able to provide an environment where users will know about intentions ahead of time, so there would be no confusion once the chatting finally starts happening. Today’s technology makes things infinitely easier to organize and set up sex dates “under the table” with two consenting adults. Most of these flings that occur on our sites are very short term, or end up in friends with benefits relationships at the most. There is also little to no “randomness” when it comes to online dating.

Sure, sometimes there are times where she’s unavailable due to work obligations, but you will know well in advance and be able to reschedule a hookup date – instead of going home alone after having come so close to success. Welcome to the magic of the online hookup environment; girls get to meet fun guys like you with none of the baggage that comes with a heavy duty relationship – and do not have to deal with the judgement that gets placed on their friends for being “slutty.”

How to Prepare for a No Strings Sex Date

There is certainly some caution that must be taken when approaching a sex date, especially when you are both clear of what’s inevitably going to happen. Aside with being clear with intentions, something useful to keep in mind would be eliminate any semblance of a traditional, romantic date. This does not necessarily mean that you roll out of bed, don’t get dressed, travel to their place, have sex, and leave. The preparation such as grooming still apply, and you can even bring toys or other kinky materials to spice things up in the bedroom. This simply means to not go out for dinner with the person, or for drinks, or a place where you are to be seen in public holding hands as if you were a couple – there’s a reason this is called discreet dating!

It is a process of elimination that throws away all of the buildup that goes along with traditional dating, and skips to the “good” part that everyone cannot wait to get to. It essentially saves time and money and gives you the opportunity to go straight to the pleasure. A great tip to prepare would be to give your sexual partner a small window of time during which you will be available – say, during your lunch break, or late-night on a weekend, and have use that time for sex only. Tell them to bring any and all necessary materials to live out the sexual fantasy, then make sure it ends promptly. Don’t have any sleepovers, or engage in any cuddling. This does not mean that all emotions must be suppressed in these hookups, it’s only a matter of sticking to the plan that you both agreed to ahead of time. By taking these extra steps of preparation prior to the date you can have peace of mind that this is only a discreet sexual encounter with two consenting parties.

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Worried About Finishing Too Quickly? Here’s How To Last Longer In Bed



Passionate couple in bed

You finally worked up the nerve to ask out that cutie from accounting. The date is going great, sparks are flying, and she suggests heading back to your place to hang out. It doesn’t take long for the clothes to start flying, and after some quick foreplay, it’s time for the main event. Only you get too worked up and cum almost immediately. Why couldn’t you last longer in bed?!

Look, we’ve all been there at one point or another. Maybe the girl was so far out of your league that you got too excited (like Jim from American Pie). Or maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve had sex, and you just couldn’t control yourself.

Sadly, for some people this is a regular occurrence. If you fall into that category, not to worry, as we’ve got some tips that should help you last longer between the sheets, ensuring that both of you get off and go to sleep with smiles on your faces.

1. Masturbate An Hour Or Two Before Sex

If you’re planning on having sex, it couldn’t hurt to rub one out a few hours beforehand. Why? Because unlike women, when a man ejaculates, his body (ie. balls) needs some time to recover before going for a second round. So if you empty the chamber before the big event, you should be able to go a little longer the next time around.

2. Take Care Of Her Needs First

It’s a known fact that women take longer to reach climax, so if you’re typically a little quick on the draw, focus on foreplay and getting her off first. Trust me, if you go down on her (sorry DJ Khaled) and focus on giving her the big O, then no matter what happens afterwards, she’s still going to be a satisfied customer who will likely be coming back for more.

3. Slow Things Down If You Need To

If you sense that you’re about to go past the point of no return, tell your partner that you need to slow down. You can say to her, “You’re so hot. I’m not going to last long if we keep this up,” and stimulate her orally or manually until you have regained control of the situation and are ready to continue. Trust me, she’ll appreciate your candor, and the fact that you’re looking out for her enjoyment as well.

4. Use A Desensitizing Spray

If you’re still struggling on how to last longer in bed, consider trying a desensitizing spray like Promescent for lasting longer during lovemaking. The spray absorbs into the skin in a matter of minutes, optimally desensitizing the penis and allowing for better control with negligible loss of sensitivity, so you can keep the party going a bit longer.

5. Try The Squeeze Technique

As the name suggests, the squeeze technique involves physically squeezing your penis (ouch) to stop yourself from cumming too soon when you feel your orgasm coming on. Simply stop and squeeze right below the head of your penis, applying firm pressure with your thumb and forefinger for about 5-10 seconds. Done right, this will temporarily decrease sexual tension, which represses the ejaculation response.

So there you have it, five tips to help you increase your sexual performance and help you and your partner get more satisfaction in the bedroom. And if all else fails, it might be time to discuss your premature ejaculation issues with a doctor.

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Adult VR Distributors Look To Netflix For Inspiration



VR Headset

Digital subscription services like Netflix and Hulu have revolutionized the way that we watch video. Adult VR distributors are hoping it will do the same for VR porn. This month, the world’s most popular VR porn website announced a new subscription service called Premium. It’s being hailed as the Netflix of VR Porn and some believe it might be the final step in taking VR porn mainstream.

For $19.95 a month, will give you unlimited streaming and video downloads from all the major VR porn studios. While this might be old news for the film industry, it’s brand new for the adult VR world. Up until now, VR porn fans had to manage multiple subscriptions across different sites. Now, users can make a single monthly payment and unlock hundreds of full-length videos from over 25 of the biggest studios.

Major adult VR studios like BaDoinkVR, VirtualRealPorn, and RealityLovers are all taking part in the program. This large number of studios means that the Premium library already holds over 500 full-length videos with more being added on a weekly basis. A membership grants you access to many VR porn video games as well, unlocking exclusive demos of popular games like Virt-A-Mate, SinVR, and many others.

VR Headset

One of the major benefits of this new approach is that smaller, independent studios have the chance to gain more exposure. By pooling all their work together, hopes to shine a light on some of the lesser known studios and encourage more producers to experiment with VR porn.

The rise of adblock and pirating software has made it difficult for many creators to make money off their work. One solution to this problem might be a transition towards more exclusive forms of media like virtual reality. Because VR video is still relatively rare, people are willing to pay a  premium for quality content. If this project from is successful it could provide a roadmap for all kinds of video artists who are struggling to monetize their content. already had millions of monthly visitors as the result of its free content. With this latest addition, the site hopes to transform some of that traffic into paying customers. It will be interesting to see how this new financial model plays out in the months to come.

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Foreplay



“Hey babe,” you greet your beloved girlfriend as you come home from the gym. “Hey,” she reciprocates. You give her a quick peck on the lips. “How was your workout?”

“Fantastic…” you say dreamily, but the only thought on your mind at the moment is to release the horniness that’s been built up from your chest workout. From behind, you wrap your arms tightly around her abs and kiss her gently on the neck. Then you take her hand and try to take her to the bedroom.

“Sweetie…not now…” she says with a sigh.

“Oh…ok,” you say, visibly disappointed.

This is the third time this week she’s “not in the mood” If this happens again, I’m going to need a strait jacket.

Do you ever feel the lust in your sex life disappearing? Do you miss those first few times when you both couldn’t wait to get your hands on one another? Or maybe you feel uncomfortable when your date is going well, but you have difficulty transitioning from a riveting conversation to a sexual spark in the bedroom?

The key to maintaining this fire is foreplay. Women love it, but us men are often times too impatient to spend much time in this department. But, as a man, if you don’t take steps to get her in the mood for sex, then you won’t be having much of it.

For women, foreplay is just as important as sex, and a true gentleman knows how to turn a woman on.

Here are a few tips:

1. Tease

Most guys try to be efficient when it comes to sex, which means less teasing and more fucking. But a woman doesn’t want that.

Foreplay starts with verbal teasing while your clothes are still on. By teasing her, you show her that you are comfortable with tension, and tension is the gateway to arousal.

This is why makeup sex is so passionate. When she’s riled up and has an excess amount of tension built up, it’s all released through orgasm. With more tension, she’ll have a stronger release.

Something you can do to really turn her on is to make her anticipate your next move, but don’t immediately fulfill her desires. This will build up tension quickly.

For example, if you’re going down on her, don’t immediately thrust your tongue inside of her. Instead, go from making out with her to kissing down her body until you reach her pelvic region. Then lick the inner part of the upper thighs and kiss around her clit. When you start going down on her, lick her once lightly, pause, then lick a bit deeper. At this point, she will be gyrating her hips towards your mouth begging for more. Then go for it.

And the same concept applies right before sex itself. Before you stick it in, make sure you “paint the fence.” Take your penis and rub it up and down across the clit and vaginal lips. This will get her wet instantly.

2) Be verbally dominant

You can call her names if she’s into that, and a lot of girls are. You can also give her commands. As you are teasing her, you can say things like, “tell me that you want me…” or “say that you want me inside of you…”

Then she’ll be the one trying to escalate things.

3) Know the erogenous zones

Obviously everyone knows the lips. But also pay attention to her neck, her nipples, her butt, her inner thighs, and her ears. You can bite her neck, play with her nipples until they’re hard, grab and spank her butt, and lick and kiss her inner thighs.

The one body part that most guys miss is her ears. When you lick a girl’s ears during foreplay or during sex, it’ll drive her crazy.

4) Be present

To really get her turned on, you have to know when to switch things up and when to keep pressing on. So be present and watch her reactions.

If you notice that she’s getting really turned on when you bite her neck and pull her hair, keep doing that. But it’s usually best to see which erogenous zones turn her on the most and focus on those.

Don’t just follow the same routine. Experiment and change things up. Maybe you have certain “moves” that you’re experienced with, but if you open yourself up to different possibilities, then you might find something that will drive her wild that you haven’t tried before. Then that could become your next “move.”

If you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd, be sure to keep these tips in mind. Remember, most guys don’t know how to build tension. Sometimes they’ll get nervous and just want to “get laid” and get it over with. Sometimes they tire of the routine and feel like it’s an obligation. Sex should never feel like an obligation.

Once you go out and start applying these principles, you’ll become the guy who’s always on her mind.

About Marcus Awakuni
Marcus was a shy, introverted nerd turned ladies man. He studied mathematics as an undergrad at BYU and planned to attend grad school, but after his father passed away shortly after graduating, he had a change of heart. He moved to Las Vegas and became a dating coach, and is now dedicated to revolutionizing the dating advice industry with his new age approach. You can find him at AGL Lifestyles, or send him an email at

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