The GoGo Life

Prepare for the launch of The GoGo Life, an original reality series that takes audiences inside the heart of Electronic Dance Music culture as seen through the eyes of one of the scene’s most dynamic characters: The GoGo Dancer. The weekly web series follows MsEasy and her team of GoGo dancers behind-the-scenes of nightclubs, festivals and events.

The show’s main character, MsEasy, is the most highly-acclaimed GoGo dancer in the world, appearing in the nation’s top events and for the world’s top DJs. Each episode follows MsEasy and her girls (ages 19-24) as they compete to be the top GoGo dancer. Watch to see how the girls handle the pressures of the industry. Strict diets, jealous boyfriends, drug addiction, over-protective fathers – all in a highly competitive and exciting atmosphere.

The show is highly addicting to watch. The characters and cinematic shots are tied together with original music selected by DJ Ecotek (Kostas Kouremenos), the music director for the show. Never before has there been a show like The GoGo Life. It’s like music video meets cinematic reality TV.

Here’s a sneak peek of The GoGo Life:

The GoGo Life premieres Monday, February 11th online, with five episodes to be released on a weekly basis throughout February and March.


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