Frank Cushman

Verizon’s mobile video service go90 recently launched The 5th Quarter, a mockumentary series that tells the greatest untold and untrue stories throughout the history of sports.. Think of it like a a shorter/hilarious spoof on ESPN’s 30 for 30.

The second episode, “Selling Out: The Frank Cushman Story”, stars Jerry O’Connell as he reprises his 1996 Jerry Maguire role as Frank Cushman and picks up on his life after he left Jerry Maguire the night before that fateful draft.

After replacing an injured legend John Elway in the Superbowl and throwing a game-winning pass on his first drive, Cush immediately became a superstar and following his rookie season, became a highly marketable player. He then takes a turn for the worse becoming a victim of excess. His vice? Commercials. Cush becomes addicted to doing ads and soon it becomes more of a priority than football.

You can watch the promo here:

If you like what you see, you can watch the full episode here.


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