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5 Crazy Garages You Need To See To Believe



Aside from your bedroom or man cave, your garage is the most testosterone-filled place in the house, unless you have a gym. This room protects your car, childhood memories, outdoor supplies and that canoe you used one time last summer. While most garages function as storage spaces, the ones highlighted below should make you very, very jealous.

Francis Wisniewski’s Garage

Now before you ask, this isn’t going to be a list of celebrity garages. Francis Wisniewski, aka the “Wiz,” is the managing partner at Hard 8 Venture Capital. Wisniewski, Nevada native, wanted a little piece of Sin City for his new place in Chicago, so he created a Vegas-themed garage. It includes 15,000 square feet, a full size craps table, a small basketball court, a gambling room and a “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.

The cars are placed on $5,000 lifts on opposite sides of the room, to save space. The massive project took around 18 months from conception to execution – and at least $1 million dollars.

Subterranean Lair

Did you ever dream of having your own Batcave as a kid? Of course you did. This one couple did just that for their newly completed Tuscan-style home, sans Alfred.

The goal was to create a space for the couple’s suite of beautiful machines – a space that reflected the same casual elegance of the main home, without creating a large, unnecessary extension.

Architect Tim Wilson built what can only be described as an underground lair. The huge 2,000 square foot enclosure doubles as the foundation of the house and is meant to provide a contrast between the modern lines of the cars and the rustic warmth of reclaimed Roman brick. Check out those sweet garage doors too. Low-emission lights help the cars look like functional art.

The Glass Garage

Situated on L.A’s iconic Mulholland Drive, The Glass Garage houses Ferraris, only Ferraris. Apparently, the owner has been a car enthusiast his entire life, and he also has a passion for design. The purpose for the all-glass theme was born out of an appreciation for art. As he puts it, “These cars are my collection of sculptures and I wanted to display them in an open fashion so they can be appreciated by all who pass by.”

We get it, man, you’re rich. In all honesty, I would want to show off my cars, too.

Fun fact: the owner claims that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was not the reason for his Ferrari obsession.

The Library Look

If you thought the library was for nerds, you clearly haven’t been in this one. Designed by Don Taylor and Associates, The Library is a 3000-square foot, 11-car garage with cherry walls. The name comes from the bookshelves strewn along the walls, which are accompanied by heated floors and an HVAC cooling system throughout the rest of the space.

If that wasn’t enough, the garage features a marble fireplace, 35-speaker sound system, two flat screen TVs, cable internet, a bathtub, appliances, and a 15-foot projection system just in case you want to watch movies.

Milt’s Steel Horse Ranch

The Steel Horse Ranch is proof that anything, and I mean anything, can be turned into a garage. Milt Robson loved horses and muscle cars, so when his car collection was big enough he decided to convert the 26,000-square foot barn into a holding area for his cars. The location features a diner, salon, barbershop and, of course, rare cars.

So there you have it – 5 unbelievable garages, each with a unique style. Which was your favorite? And what would you include in your dream garage? Let me know in the comments section below.

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