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7 Grooming Essentials For Grooms Who Want To Look Their Best




Picking the right clothes for your wedding is important, but so is being properly groomed for your special day. Grooming yourself well not only makes you look good, it also helps you feel confident about yourself. With all eyes going to be on you and your bride on your wedding day, you might just need a confidence boost!

So if you’ve started to look for custom suits or are flipping through men’s fashion magazines to learn about the latest trends in wedding suits, now’s also the time to learn some essential grooming tips.

Here are seven tips to help you look perfect on what will be the most important day of your life!

Take Care of Your Skin

Flawless and healthy skin looks as good on men as it does on women! While your future bride will be going that extra mile to look radiant, you needn’t resort to extreme measures- your skin will look healthy enough if you just keep the basics in mind.

Eating healthy food will reflect directly on your skin, so stay away from the junk food for awhile and ensure that you’re eating nutrient-rich foods. Also, drink enough water to keep your skin and body hydrated.

Furthermore, use skincare products that suit your skin type. If you have acne or other skin problems, see a dermatologist as soon as you can. Your winter and summer skincare regimens may be different, so use the right products depending on when you’ll be getting married.

Your skin can’t be transformed miraculously overnight; clear skin is a result of doing what’s best for it over a period of time. So whether you’re getting married in the next month or the next year, do start taking care of your skin right away. Remember that caring for your skin is a continuous process- you can’t expect to have healthy-looking skin otherwise.

Get Your Hair in Order

Taking care of your hair is important too, and just as you need to care for your skin continually, you need to do so for your hair. Choose hair products depending on your scalp and hair type. If you have recurring dandruff despite using an anti-dandruff shampoo, speak to your dermatologist about it.

On the day of your wedding, shampoo and condition your hair to keep it looking clean. Style your hair as you normally do; if you want to try a new hairstyle, practice in advance. Also, avoid using any new hair products on the day of your wedding.

Shave Right

If you want to sport a clean-shaven look on the day of your wedding, getting a straight razor shave might be your best bet. These razors can give you the closest shave, but you can always shave with your everyday razor if you prefer.

Note that your skin can be a bit puffy in the morning, so if you shave first thing after getting out of bed, you won’t get a smooth shave. Allow your skin to settle for a while to get a sharper shave. Alternatively, if you know you won’t develop a shadow until the next day, you can shave the night before!

Trim Facial Hair

If you aren’t going for the clean shaven look, be sure to keep your facial hair neatly trimmed. Make a note of when your stubble looks its best, be it Day 2 or Day 5. Practice before your big day and you’ll be sure to perfect your look.

You can wear your signature moustache too; just be sure you keep it clean, conditioned, trimmed, and in shape.

If you have a unibrow, use tweezers to pluck out any hairs between your eyebrows. You can get this done at a salon too. Finely plucked eyebrows may not be your thing, so tell the beautician precisely what you want.

In addition to this, be wary of unruly nose and ear hair. Keep these trimmed regularly and do a double check on the morning of your wedding.

Smile Bright

Hopefully, you will be smiling a lot on the day of your wedding. Be sure to keep your lips well moisturized so that smiling into the camera or at your loved one and guests doesn’t hurt. Keep a lip balm handy; applying it discreetly shouldn’t be a problem!

If your teeth are stained or discolored, go get a professional whitening treatment done. Teeth usually become sensitive after a whitening treatment, so if you don’t want to miss out on eating your wedding cake, get the treatment done a couple of months in advance. Do stay away from foods that can stain your teeth!

Get a Manicure

Your hands will be the center of attention when you’ll be cutting the cake and exchanging the rings. You don’t want the pictures to show dry skin, split nails, and unkempt cuticles, so get a manicure done professionally a week before the wedding.

If you’re having a casual beach wedding and you’re going to wear open-toed sandals, get a pedicure too!

Don’t Shy Away from a Massage

A face or body massage can do wonders for you before your wedding. A relaxing massage can not only de-stress you, it will also get your blood circulating better and add a glow to your face. So head to a swanky spa on your own or with your best friends for some undivided attention- you deserve to be pampered too!

Now that you’ve read these grooming essentials, you know that looking your best isn’t going to be difficult. So use the tips here and you’re sure to look amazing on your wedding day!

Nicola Reynor is a passionate blogger who loves to blog about fashion, beauty, travel, health, fitness, wedding and lifestyle trends. In her leisure time, she enjoys spending time traveling with friends and family. You can find more about her at Nicola+.

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