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Andrew McCutchen Tells Us Why Baseball Is Better With MLB 14 The Show



Who better to be baseball’s ambassador than National League MVP Andrew McCutchen! In the latest trailer for MLB 14 The Show, McCutchen takes his message that Baseball is Better straight to the people. And the pandas. That’s right, he’s enlisting pandas to join the show because after all, we’ve already got the Tigers and Blue Jays.

With key spokesmen such as Pittsburgh Pirates star Andrew McCutchen and comedian Danny McBride on board, we wonder if there’s another star about to join the ranks. If so, it’s a pretty safe bet that their last name will start with “Mc”. Paul McCartney? Tim McCarver? Me, I’m hoping for Rachel McAdams!

Regardless, make sure you pick up MLB 14 The Show!

Corey Panati is a graduate of York College, and he's also the latest addition to Guys Gab. He's excited to bring his love of sports and movies to a browser near you. If you're on Twitter, you can follow his ramblings @coreypanati

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