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Best Music Apps For Your Phone Or Tablet



Cool Music Apps

Music and technology are becoming increasingly intertwined, particularly with mobile phones such as the iPhone having developed music functionality at a quality that’s good enough to compete with traditional music devices. To take this functionality to another level, music apps have infiltrated the market that have tapped into this amalgamation and taken it beyond simply playing music.

Some of the best apps available combine a love of gadgetry and innovation with live music. For example, a favorite amongst music fans is the Lanyard app, which allows users to revisit concerts from the past by searching out the event and enabling them to upload personal photos, leave comments and see what other music fans had to say.

Live music fans will also enjoy the concept of the CrowdStream app. Here, developers have produced an app that allows fans at concerts to communicate during the actual event. The idea is that like-minded strangers would be brought together through their love of a particular band.

Qusic is another great music site aimed at those who enjoy live music, having been developed to provide users with alerts on their favorite bands and keeping them up to minute with concert dates, album news and song releases to ensure no fan ever misses a beat.

And finally, if all of this live music has inspired you to try something new, then you should check out Instinct, a nifty little app that aims to have the user playing guitar alongside the big boys. The tuition-based app takes the user through different ability levels and relies on a note-detection technology to decipher whether the user is hitting the right notes.

These apps are sure to hit the right note with any music lover with a smartphone or tablet.