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Sponsored Video: The Return Of Burger King’s Subservient Chicken



Do you remember the star of Burger King’s old TenderCrisp campaign, the Subservient Chicken? This guy used to dress up in a chicken suit and star in a webcam show, performing some of the weirdest actions as suggested by the audience. From moon walking, to laying an egg, to picking his nose and head banging, the Subservient Chicken went along with it willingly.

And then, just like with all Internet viral sensations, his fifteen minutes of fame was up and his spotlight faded to black. Down and out, the chicken tried his hand at children’s birthday parties and the underground fight circuit, where he faced off against “Double D” Dustin Diamond. Needless to say, this wasn’t a pretty side of the Subservient Chicken.

The video above gives us an inside look at the untold story of Burger King’s beloved Subservient Chicken after the Internet moved on to their next viral sensation of the moment, and how just when he had hit rock bottom, one fateful meeting with Vinny Curto (life coach, trainer, plumbing specialist) would change the chicken’s luck for the better. We watch as the down and out chicken undergoes intense training and gets sage-like advice like “Drink yourself, fool!”

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Subservient Chicken has risen to reclaim the limelight he’s been after as he introduces the world to the new Burger King Chicken BIG KING Sandwich. Only this time he’s doing it on his own terms, because he’s Subservient No More!

Welcome to the #ChickenRedemption.

This post is sponsored by Burger King, but all opinions are my own

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