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Check Out Marvel’s Ant-Man Teaser Trailer



The wait’s over! Here’s your first full, official look at Marvel’s Ant-Man teaser trailer, which debuted last night during Marvel’s Agent Carter!

It’s actually fairly remarkable that we’re seeing an Ant-Man movie at all. At the end of last year, director Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) dropped out of production due to creative differences with Marvel right before shooting was about to start, after working on the project for almost a decade. This sent a rift through the entire production, and generally gave the movie something of a bad reputation, especially when Payton Reed (Bring it On, The Break Up) signed on to replace Wright, and puts a lot of pressure on this first trailer to deliver.

Fortunately, Marvel seems to once again know what they’re doing, as this movie looks like yet another strong superhero flick. So far what’s striking me the most is the nice balance between what seems to be remnants of the more serious tone of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, while still maintaining the humanity that these movies are known for. This is most prevalent in the monologue that Hank Pym (Michael Douglass) gives throughout the trailer as advice to his protégée, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd). What could have easily seemed like silly exposition comes off wonderfully, due to Douglass’ earnest performance.

Meanwhile, the moments that might seem silly if taken completely seriously are countered by the wonderful Paul Rudd, who seems like he is going to own this role. I especially love his reaction to the name “Ant Man” which I think we can all agree is pretty silly. The film also looks very visually creative, Lang’s power to shrink certainly providing some wonderful opportunities for inventive action sequences. It’s looking like Marvel has another winner on it’s hands.

Ant-Man opens July 17th

Michael Fairbanks has been reviewing movies since he was 13, starting his own YouTube channel and growing it to nearly 400 subscribers. He's currently studying screenwriting at Chapman University, and he also dabbles in short film making of his own, having directed two shorts already with plans to make another one this year. Click here to check out his movie review blog.

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