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Check Out The Plasma Watch From IOION!



IOION just came out with The Plasma, a new design that is creating amazing buzz around fashion and tech circuits. The watch is made of ultra-light, colorful silicone, featuring a large LED Screen, and is infused with a unique mineral, tourmaline.

Tourmaline is a naturally charged mineral that offers positive health benefits including improved clarity, vitality, and energy. IOION claims that customers have notedly experienced and enjoyed these results.

The IOION Plasma is a very comfortable wristwatch to wear due to the flat cuff band and a silky smooth body. Weighing only 21 grams, IOION Plasma gets to the soul of a modern wrist watch: futuristic Large LED display design, vibrant colors to mix and match, and a mission to improve your health with powerful tourmaline to energize and electrify from day to night. The large LED display appears black until activated by the push of a button.

This sleek, deep thinker comes in 6 colors, and is the softest and most flexible watch I’ve ever worn. The hardest part? Deciding which color to go with. I got a white one, but they’ve got a glow-in-the-dark one that’s pretty cool as well.

Luckily, at only $29.99 each, you can afford to by more than one. 🙂

More info: IOION / Twitter / Facebook

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