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Clifford Soft Goods Premium Boxer Briefs



Clifford Soft Goods Boxer Briefs

When I first heard about Clifford Soft Goods Premium Boxer Briefs, an underwear “made of bamboo” that is supposed to be unbelievably soft and comfortable, I was intrigued.

I’ve tried various boxer briefs in the past, but I didn’t like the way they constricted my package. They make for an impressive silhouette, but getting through the day in a pair of ’em? No way!

Nonetheless, I kept hearing great things about this brand, so I had to see what all the hype was about. And after wearing them for a few weeks, all I can say is O-M-G. Without a doubt, these are the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. So comfortable I might have to make the switch from boxers to boxer briefs.

Clifford Soft Goods use Rayon from Bamboo in their underwear (66% Rayon, 28% Cotton, and 6% Spandex), and it feels freaking amazing, almost like you’re wearing nothing at all. In my opinion, it’s the use of Rayon from Bamboo that makes all the difference here. It’s durable yet comfortable, soft to the touch, and machine washable. It could even be considered green, since Bamboo trees are fully sustainable.

Clifford Soft Goods - Boxer Briefs Box

In addition, Clifford Soft Goods has focused on a clean, simple yet effective approach. The seamless sling style construction uses the natural contours of a man’s “zone” to create a tailored support, specific to him. Since there’s no stitching in the “zone” area, it allows for more room and keeps your package comfortable.


Of course, comfort like this doesn’t come cheap. A pair of Clifford Soft Goods Premium Boxer Briefs will set you back $28 – But trust me, you won’t be disappointed. I’m planning on picking up a few more pairs in the future, as I absolutely love the way they feel on me.

Don’t your boys deserve the best? Then head over to Clifford Soft Goods and order yourself a pair today!

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