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Eat Meat & Die (Infographic)



Pink slime recently made headlines across America, thanks in part to a report put out by ABC News. It refers to processed beef trimmings, a byproduct created from low-quality beef trimmings and connective tissue, treated with ammonia gas to kill bacteria. The manner in which the product is processed drew attention as the subject of possible health and consumer concerns.

Media characterization of the product as “pink slime” has resulted in widespread disgust with the product and reduced acceptability of it as an additive to ground beef. If you’re still not willing to give up red meat, the following infographic might just change your mind:

Eat Meat & Die
Created by: Online Associates Degree



  1. Ron E46

    March 28, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    mmmmmmm, pink slime….Reminds me of a Krusty Burger

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