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Embracing Your Baseball Team At The Start Of The Season



Baseball - Opening Day

Baseball season is finally here, and Edge Shave Gel has developed the following tips to make sure guys get the most out of the first few weeks of the new season, along with an exclusive Guys Gab giveaway!

Opening week is the unofficial start of Spring for most men, no matter what the weather looks like outside. After a cold and brutal winter, it’s the perfect time for any team’s fresh start.  Both players and fans unite in sharing the same hopes and aspirations of a winning season and attempt to forget about last season’s woeful attempt at a playoff berth, or that crushing defeat in game 7 of the series.

No matter what team guys root for, Edge Shave Gel has a few tips for guys to make the most out of the beginning of their team’s new season, putting their team loyalty and passion to the test, all in the hope for a winning season—all starting with a clean shave.

Five Tips For Men– Embrace Your Team at The Start of The Season:

  1. Ditch last year’s jersey no matter how much you love it or how lucky you think it is; it’s time for a new start. Go out and buy the jersey of your team’s newest player—whether it’s that free agent or rookie, you can’t go wrong with a fresh face.
  2. Buy two tickets to your team’s first or second home stand and take your dad or best friend. There’s no better way to get pumped about your team than to go with someone close to you who cares nearly as much as you do.
  3. Shave your “good luck beard” using Edge Sensitive Pro Relief shave gel. It’s time to find a new good luck charm; growing a beard can be left to fans of that other team.
  4. Book a trip early to go see your favorite team play on the road. This gives you an excuse to get away from the office and take that much needed vacation, plus you can finally be those overly-excited fans who wear an opposing team’s jersey in another stadium.
  5. Lastly, if your team does start to struggle, remember football is only about 6 months away and it’s never too early to start preparing for your fantasy draft…

In addition, Edge is hosting a giveaway where FIVE lucky winners will each receive a year’s supply of Edge shave gel and a ’47 brand, one-size fits all team hat of the winner’s choice. You can enter the contest below:

And don’t forget, Edge Shave Gel will be by your side all season long providing protection against skin irritation for ultimate comfort throughout every shave.

We hope that whichever team you root for exceeds your expectations, and may the best team win!

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