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Essential Tips For Bachelor Living



Bachelor Pad Bedroom

Men have a bad reputation when it comes to housework and cleaning – and perhaps even not having the best eye for home décor, either.

A man’s apartment is typically one of two ways: Very plain and open, or cluttered and dirty. You’ve probably seen the Average Joe’s apartment, which probably consisted of a blowup mattress (or a lone futon), a living room couch in front of a large, plasma screen TV, a few plastic drawers filled with wires, batteries and dirty underwear, and a plain white kitchen with only a few pans, spatulas and a can opener.

We need to be better than this! Men everywhere need to ditch this ‘Average Joe style’ of living and are begin to invest more time and money into their home and reinventing the bachelor pad, regardless of where you’re living.

One of the tricks to making your bachelor pad timeless is to use durable materials. It’s best to use material with perennial appeal, such as marble, steel or rustic timber. Of course, since most of these can be the most expensive pieces in your home, make sure to only have a few of these (a bedroom set, entertainment center or dining room table). Remember, in bachelor pads, less is more!

The idea here is to have a cool, masculine open space. Yes, notice I said open. What you need to avoid in a bachelor pad is clutter. Most guys usually inherit much of their furniture from their parents. Unfortunately, this sometimes creates color clashes and clutter. The solution? Get rid of any excess furniture you have. Maybe you should rent out a storage unit to purify your space; the last thing you want in your beach pad in Jacksonville, FL is all sorts of clutter and no air conditioning.

Bachelor living is all about consolidation. After you get rid of the clutter, find ways to consolidate your space to make it more open.

Entertainment centers are a great example of gathering all electronics to one place in your apartment. Instead of having a DVD player, game system, Tivo, sound system and television laying side-by-side on the living room floor, buy a great entertainment center that blends in with the decor of the room and gets rid of the clutter.

Most bachelors living in metropolitan areas have the burden of paying expensive rent and various bills. However, this doesn’t have to hinder your ability to buy quality furniture and accessories for your apartment.

One of the hottest trends right now for youthful living is the oversized lounge. Instead of buying a set with a love-seat and a sofa, an oversized lounge is usually more affordable, comfortable and chic. It could also be used to sleep in for any friends or family members that would like to crash in your apartment.

Color is also a very important element that you may want to consider for your bachelor pad. The important thing here is to keep a masculine color palette. Stick to monochromatic colors, such as deep red, dark blues, earthy browns and rich greens. If you’re feeling bold, however, don’t be afraid to add some contrasting hues!

A great living space is something single guys everywhere should consider. Following these tips will undoubtedly transform your home from “just a place to sleep” to your very own Shangri La.