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Ferrari Turns 60: Racing Highlights Inside



Ferrari, Scuderia, The Prancing Horse. However you want to refer to them, they’ve been around for a while now and have notched up some unrivaled success in motorsport. It’s been 60 years since they started racing in North America so to celebrate we’re going to look back at some of the highlights of their illustrious career.

1961 – First Formula One Constructors Championship


This year saw the American Phil Hill team up with the German Wolfgang Von Trips. Between them they secured 9 podium, 6 of which were wins and won the Championship by 10 points and saw Hill become the first American to lift the driver trophy.

This was however a bittersweet year for Ferrari, granted they won their first Constructors Championship but it came at a cost. Von Trips secured both of his only two first place finishes but he was tragically killed in an accident at the now infamous Monza circuit.

1960-1965 Le Mans 24 Dominance


One of the most well known, and taxing races was dominated by Ferrari in these years, with the team winning between 1960 and and 164 and their car winning in ‘65 under the name of North American Racing Team. Following his success in the 1961 Formula One calendar, American Phil Hill was one of the drivers the lifted the trophy in both ‘61 and ‘62. The teams varied their cars over the years, but the consisted of the equally stunning variants of the 250, the 275 and the 330.

1967 – First Victory at 24 Hours of Daytona


This saw Ferrari make it’s name in America, winning the grueling 24 hour race on the challenging Daytona circuit. The team consisted of the two Ferrari Formula One drivers of that year, Italian Lorenzo Bandini and Kiwi Chris Amon. Not only did they ave the honor of winning, but they got to race in what, in my opinion at least, is still the most beautiful looking car of all time, the Ferrari 330-P4.

1994 – Ferrari Challenge North America


Having made a name for itself in various motorsports, Ferrari opened up its own marque of racing in America. Consisting of 7 races covering some of the most iconic tracks that the USA and Canada has to offer.

1999-2004 – Formula One Dominance


It’s hard to talk about Ferrari without mentioning these years. The team consisted of 7 time World Champion Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello, with the exception of ‘99 when Eddie Irvine held the seat in lieu of Barrichello and Mika Salo stood in for Schumacher following an injury. This period of dominance saw Ferrari win the most consecutive Constructors Championships with 6 back to back wins and saw Michael Schumacher lift the driver title five years running. The most impressive season coming when they won by a margin of 143 points over their nearest rival.

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