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Finding Your Dream Car



Every guy has one. And since he was a kid he’s longed to take it out and see what it can do. I’m talking of course, about a dream car. It’s that purring beast that is the perfect combination of art and machinery. Now, we all like to think that somewhere around middle age we’ll get our dream car as the result of a spiritual crisis. But I say why wait? Oh, your dream car is a Porsche Carrera? Ok, YOU keep waiting. But for everyone else that is somewhat willing to re-define their idea of a dream car, it may not be 20 years and boatload of Rogaine away. The fact is, for many people getting their dream car turns into an nightmare. Sometimes when we get what we want we don’t really want what we get. But if you mix some practicality into your boyish love of big engines and racing stripes, you can find and actually get what is truly a dream car

Evaluate Your Priorities

Before you even think about starting the search for your dream car, it’s important to figure out exactly what your priorities are. Obviously, a car that can help you pick up chicks is a plus. But let’s get beyond that shall we? The important things to consider are what functions do you intend your car to serve? Is this a primary vehicle or is it more for “fun”? That distinction will make a huge difference in what you choose. If you live in the Northeast, a convertible, as exciting as it is may not be your best choice for a year-round vehicle. You need to consider practical issues like how it handles in snow, or gas mileage. Will you need to carry family in this car or is it meant for a solo driver? 2-door car with tiny back seats are somewhat impractical for child seats. Hey, it’s not a dream car if you it means you need yet another automobile to take the kids to Grandmas.

And let’s not forget the most important priority, cost. Getting something you can’t afford is one of the fastest ways to learn to hate your car. If you have to eat Ramen 5 nights a week just to make your car and insurance payments, that’s not much of a dream life at all.

Do Due Diligence

If you buy a car without doing any research, you probably deserve the lemon you wind up with. It’s important to spend some time looking at the information available on any car that you are considering. What are the strengths and the drawbacks? Are there other cars which are comparable in style and performance but are a little closer to what you can afford? If color is important to you, what options are available in the vehicle you’re looking at? These are all things that can be done pretty easily form a desk chair, thanks to the multitude of websites dealing with cars and their specifications. But you can’t really get a feel for a car until you can get your hands on it.

There’s nothing like a test drive to help you figure out if you really love the way it feels behind the wheel. And taking a test drive is not a promise to purchase, even if care salespeople sometimes make us feel otherwise. Speaking of sales staff, it’s a really good idea to get feedback apart from their “expertise”.

If you can try to talk to other people who have owned or worked on the car you want. They will have the best insight into what you can expect in terms of reliability, performance and maintenance. If you have a regular mechanic, which is a great idea, if you can find someone you trust who does quality work, hang onto them like a good woman. Because you can ask that guy about the model of car you are looking for and he can give you a much more honest opinion of what repairs and maintenance will mean. The dealer may tell you it’s easy to get replacement parts, the mechanic will set you straight if that’s not quite true. The more you can investigate, and get feedback on the car you have your eye on the more informed decision you’ll be able to make when it comes time to cut a check.

Expand Your Search

Many people do all of the planning and preparation for getting their ideal car and then make the mistake of only browsing their local dealerships. We settle for something that’s on the lot because it’s easier. Even if the car isn’t’ exactly the color we’re after or is missing some of the features we want. It’s not a bad idea to get a car that’s close to home because being able to go back to the dealership where you purchased it is key when it comes time to invoke your warrantee. But that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to their selection. See what’s readily available of course but then branch out of your neighborhood.

The truth is, you can often have a car shipped form across the country to a dealer near you. But in some cases it may benefit you to find the car yourself rather than asking the dealer to do it. If you can locate the car and negotiate the shipment deal you can get exactly the car you want for a little extra in transport. Car shipping doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it can bring your dream car to you. But watch the fine print. You want to make sure that the car is covered against damage during travel and that if there is something wrong with it upon arrival you won’t be stuck with a car that is nothing at all like you had expected.

Everybody has that one car that they would love to have. Perhaps it was something that you loved as a child, a favorite matchbox car, or a car your dad always talked about owning. The connection is different for all of us, but as adults we have to get beyond fantasy. Dreams change as we grow up and what was the perfect car for a bachelor isn’t always the right car for a family man. By examining your priorities, doing the research and looking beyond your geographical location you can find a car that is the perfect mix of desire, knowledge and availability. Ok, so maybe it’s not the car you pictured at 7, but it’s the car that fits your life at 27, and when you think about it, having a life in balance really is living the dream.

This article was written by Jade, Uship a car transport and other vehicle shipping. Jade has been a blogger and writer for a number of years. Someday she’d love a Mustang convertible, but for the moment she’s be very happy with Chrysler 300.

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1 Comment

  1. Corsia

    September 21, 2017 at 7:28 pm

    Research. Take your time and go and test drive. Consider buying out of state and shipping it. Still, you need to test drive it.

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