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Fitness Challenges For 2014




We achieve the most when we are challenged, both mentally and physically and this is one of the reasons so many of us commit to extreme fitness routines, sign up for long distance running or endurance races. All of these will need intense training before taking part so ensure you look into the triathlon training in London as well as other options open to you to ensure you succeed at meeting your challenge. Here are some of the fitness challenges that we would recommend.

Obstacle Races

Tough Mudder and Spartan are two of the most notable extreme obstacle races that take place across the UK every year. Hosted by many major cities these races are usually between 5 and 10km in length however that’s where the similarities between an obstacle race and a run will end! The obstacles are extreme, pushing you to your limits including walls, rope challenges and of course, a lot of dirt! Beyond Tough Mudder and Spartan there are lots of smaller local obstacle races available across the country for those who don’t feel like participating in the “toughest race in the world” just yet. Training for an obstacle race is challenging, not only do you need the fitness and endurance to run the distance you also need to improve your body strength to be able to combat some of the obstacles.


The London Marathon is of course the most well-known race in the UK, but there are many other marathons to choose from, including the Brighton Marathon and Edinburgh Marathon. A marathon is the ultimate test of endurance, and of course your love of long distance running. If you aren’t quite ready to run that distance, there are countless shorter runs such as the Great North Run held throughout the year. Marathon training requires lots of determination and getting a plan in place will ensure that you have a better chance of meeting your goals.


If you want to combine multiple sports, such as cycling, swimming and running and have both the mental and physical endurance to take part in such a tough event then a triathlon may just be what you are looking for. A program of triathlon cycle training, swimming and long distance running will be necessary as well as an investment in the right equipment such as wetsuits and bikes to ensure you get the most out of it. The London Triathlon takes place in August 2014.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Phil

    April 1, 2014 at 11:20 am

    I ran a Warrior Dash last year and loved it. Now training for a Tough Mudder in July.

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