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Guys Gab’s Olympic Week One Highlights



Don’t Count Out Phelps Just Yet

So after Saturday night’s disappointing showing in the 400 medley, rumor had it that Phelps hadn’t put a lot of prep time into that particular event.. Let’s be honest, it’s the Marathon of the swimming events – It’s a grind, and an “older” athlete will definitely be at a disadvantage with that distance.

But anyone who had any question if Michael Phelps “still has it” has to look no further than the semi-finals of the 200m Fly. At the end of the race, he showed us the champion that he is, surging out of the water in that last quarter lap. I swear I saw the S on his chest when he propelled out of that water!

Plus, let us not forget him putting the fastest split in the Silver medal performance relay!

Dude.. Lose The Grill, You’re White!

Ryan Lochte is the new American Swimming Stud. A marketing dream, until he gets on the podium and sneaks a jeweled grill into his mouth for pictures. Seriously?! Representing our country and you want to go around looking like a tool? By the way, when you wear a grill and you’re a white guy from Rochester NY, it’s called a retainer!

Jordyn Weiber A Victim Of “Fairness”

Jordyn Weiber, even though overall in the standings ranks about 5th, will not be able to compete in the overall because of the rule that only 2 gymnasts per country can advance to the finals. What happened to the best athletes winning the awards? It reminds me of 7 year old Soccer when they don’t keep score! We certainly don’t want to hurt any feelings!

Japan Pays Off The Judges

So, last night as the American gymnasts were off camera slitting their wrists for their awful performances, the British were fighting it out for their first medals in way too many years. They secured a Bronze, the place went crazy and then.. One of the Japanese gymnasts slipped off the pummel horse, without, at first glance, completing the final move. That score slipped the Japanese from Silver to out of the medals. The place then erupted with the realization that the British would be elevated to Silver.

Here’s where I’m very thankful for commentary. I watch the Japanese coach go over to the judging table with CASH in his hand, which he gives it to the judges. The next thing I know, they’re reviewing the routine, eventually overturning the decision, which gave the Japanese the score to put them back at Silver!

I’m thinking, what is going on?! Apparently, if you protest a score or ruling, you must present a cash payment for consideration. If the consideration is valid, the money is returned, if not they keep it and can do with it as they see fit! (Beer money??)

Without commentary, I’m sure there would have been a lot of controversy surrounding this bizarre looking chain of events!

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