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Sponsored Video: Heineken Proves That Every Man Is Legendary



Heineken has just unveiled their latest ad campaign, The Odyssey, which celebrates the premise that every man is legendary at something. And for the first time in its history, they’ve cast non-actors to play the central protagonists, proving that every man has the ability to become legendary!

In the video above, we see the main character’s adventures aboard a cruise ship as he uses his wit, charm and skills to impress his fellow passengers. Covering everything from a limbo contest, to diving perfectly into a swimming pool, to dancing the perfect conga, the ad gives real men a stage on which they can perform their skills.

What’s that, you don’t believe that these are real men of the world? Then check out the casting video for this ad, which shows twenty real men demonstrating their own legendary talent:

Funny stuff!

This post is sponsored by Heineken