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iPhone 7 To Be Unveiled On September 7th




The wait is nearly over! After months of rumors surrounding the iPhone 7, Apple is finally going to pull back the curtains and tell us everything that’s new and great about their latest smartphone on September 7th.

The stakes have never been higher for Apple, whose sales figures have been on the decline for quite some time now. They desperately need a win to show that they’re still an innovative company even without Steve Jobs at the helm. Will the iPhone 7 do that for them? We’ll just have to wait and see.

So what exactly can we expect from the iPhone 7?

If we’re to believe the rumors that have been circulating, it looks like Apple will finally be doing away with the headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth or Lightning connectivity, much to the dismay of pretty much everyone. Even Steve Wozniak, one of the co-founders of Apple, has said that releasing the next iPhone without a headphone jack would be a bad move.

Supposed leaked prototype photos show the new iPhone with a dual lens camera, which would help it stay competitive with some of other smartphone cameras currently on the market. But as with the iPhone 6 Plus, the additional/better camera may only be available on the larger phone.

There are also rumors of a third model being released alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, an even larger iPhone 7 Pro. Personally, I think the Plus is already too big, and anything bigger would be ridiculous.. But people are buying the Galaxy Note 7, so anything’s possible.

One rumor I really hope comes true is the addition of a blue iPhone, bringing a splash of color to the Space Grey / White / Rose Gold lineup. Sure, 90% of people will end up covering up this color with a case anyway, but I’d totally buy a blue one anyway!

And lastly, there’s rumors that the new iPhone will be waterproof, allowing you to take your phone underwater to capture amazing photos, along with those all-important underwater selfies. It seems like a pipe dream, but if it’s true, it would be a total game changer for Apple.

We’ll find out what’s real and what’s fantasy on September 7th at 10AM PST, when Tim Cook takes the stage at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, CA. We’ll be there to find out all the juicy details, so be sure to stay tuned!