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Lexus Debuts Must See Bryan Brothers Trick-Shot Golf Video



Known for doing unbelievable trick shots that defy logic, the Bryan Brothers represent the next generation of golf. They started filming these amazing trick shot videos as a hobby became viral sensations, with tens of thousands of subscribers on their YouTube channel. I’ve been following these guys for awhile now, and they never fail to amaze me with their unbelievable trick shots that defy logic.

Their approach to golf is a perfect balance between precision and fun, and that progressive approach to the game aligns with Lexus’ continued pursuit to push boundaries and reach a new, younger demographic. As such, Lexus is proud to announce that George Bryan IV and Wesley Bryan have officially joined the roster of Lexus sponsored golfers.

In the video above, the Bryan Brothers show us how they’re using trick shots to improve their own golf game, build a fan base and inspire a new generation to rediscover golf.

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