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Make Thanksgiving A Great Day For Food And Football



Thanksgiving Dinner

Football has become more ingrained into the American consciousness than any other sport or activity. Not only does the triple-header of games allow a family to watch sports from noon to midnight, but Medill Reports suggests that the calorie consumption of Thanksgiving might actually be second place to that of the Super Bowl. How can you make sure your Turkey Day is full of family, fun, and pigskin?

Start Early

You could try to buy and cook a turkey the day of Thanksgiving, but that would set you up for the same odds of success of trying to buy a present the day before Thanksgiving. Huffington Post suggests that you start early — really early. Get a grocery list ready at least one week before so that you can do the shopping the weekend prior. Make desserts a few days in advance and consider doing a few side dishes the day before to minimize the time you need to spend in the kitchen the day of. Hammer down the list of RSVPs early on and make sure that everyone knows what they need to bring.

Make Football An Activity

Spectator sports can be a great way to help people digest, but before the noontime kickoff, have the entire family play a touch football game at a nearby park or on the back lawn. Not only does this create a bonding moment between relatives who may not see each other often, but it helps to build up an appetite for the big day of eating. Dean Anderson of Spark People suggests that a high carb and high protein diet after a workout will help you to feel better and get better workout results, so playing some pigskin before the pros do it will make everyone happier and healthier.

Get The Best Signal

Nothing in football will frustrate an audience more than the cable going out just as a last-second Hail Mary pass decides the winner and loser of a contest. Consider getting a subscription digital TV service in order to make sure a good quality HD game comes on without any hiccups in the display. You can compare DIRECT TV vs. Comcast to see which one comes out on top. Once the games are over, you can choose between hundreds of channels for your next big holiday entertainment event.

Watch The Drinks Carefully

A bit of booze can liven up the festivities, but too much can cause some family members to go overboard. Make sure your fridge is well stocked with beer, wine, and spirits, but do not be afraid to cut off anyone who is on their way to overdrinking. More importantly, make sure nobody leaves when they are too drunk to drive. Voxxi claims that alcohol use spikes during Thanksgiving, leading to injuries the day of and after, with two in five automobile crashes during the holidays involving alcohol.

A Baltimore native, Joshua Moore is a personal trainer who blogs about health and wellness.

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