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Mind Your Mobile Manners



A recent Intel survey found that nine out of 10 Americans have been subjected to others’ misuse of laptops, tablets and smartphones. The most appalling lapses were cited, like texting at a funeral and friending your boss on Facebook.

We all commit mobile miscues from time to time, but the general consensus is that mobile manners have gotten progressively worse over the past two years, according to the survey. Are you adding to the problem? Follow these tips, and you’ll keep technology from hijacking your manners, leaving circuits clear for more meaningful communication.

  1. Don’t talk while you shop. Stay off mobile devices while you’re interacting with service people, whether checking out at a grocery line, ordering food or getting a manicure.
  2. Respect quiet zones. No cell phone use in doctors’ offices, movie theaters, yoga classes, houses of worship and concert halls.
  3. Establish digital timeouts. That’s when you turn off all technology and focus exclusively on the task at hand, whether you’re behind the wheel or on your honeymoon — two scenarios the Intel survey found are often mishandled.
  4. Keep private matters private. Choose a secluded place to talk about your spouse’s rash or the details of your bank account. Public restrooms are off-limits.
  5. Practice volume control. Monitor how loudly you speak when you’re on buses or planes. Use headphones when watching videos on your smartphone, and avoid sound seepage by keeping your earbuds firmly in place.

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Shelley Levitt is a writer and editor who covers travel, style and lifestyle trends. She is the managing editor of The Style Glossy and a contributing editor for CBS Watch Magazine.

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