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Moebuilt Mk 2 Deep Dive: Thermaltake Urban S41 Case



When I set out build the Moebuilt Mk2, I wanted a case that was stylish, quiet, had plenty of room to grow, and came loaded with desirable bonus features. The Thermaltake Urban S41 turned out to be pretty much perfect. The Urban line of cases from Thermaltake feature the same handsome, minimalist look that focuses on dark colors and brushed aluminum. It certainly added a lot of class to my workspace when compared to my old computer, a machine that was loaded with loud fans, windows and obnoxiously bright LED lighting.

The S41 looks stoic and unwavering, like it was made from granite as it sits in my wooden desk. The brushed aluminum front panel is thin, but it feels very high quality, and the finish is nearly flawless. Aside from the plastic front bezel and the feet, the entire case is made from metal. It feels thick and substantial.


The sides are locked shut with black thumbscrews that are mounted into the panel, so you won’t lose them when you have the panels removed. Sadly the panels themselves are held into place using the eternally old rail slides. Considering the MSRP of this case, and the other high-end features it comes equipped with, we expected to see some sort of hinged attachment.

That is about the only downfall of the case though. It has plenty of room inside, from the multiple hard drive cages to the varied 5.25” bays, this case has room for everything you would need in a build. The motherboard tray is sturdy, and has mounts for all your traditional board sizes from Mini-ITX up to standard ATX. Multiple cable routing holes are present, and each comes with its own rubber grommet. Internal paining and finishing is as high quality as the exterior.


My favorite features of this machine are the subtle touches that make it much more builder and user friendly. Every hard drive mount has rubber silencing, both side panels are covered in acoustic dampening material, every fan intake has removable dust filters, and the top of the case features a SATA hot-swap bay and a fan controller.

All together I was incredibly impressed with this machine. As a small side business I construct gaming and workstation PCs, and while I have built all manner of systems in all manner of cases, this Urban S41 may be the best all-round case I have ever used. It may not be the best ventilated case, and it may not be the best built, for a total all-round package is damned solid.



Pros: Huge fans and radiator support, good looks, inbuilt fan controller and hard drive hot-swap bay
Cons: Some of the plastic is a little cheap, slide-on side panels, not enough front ventilation
Score: 9/10

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