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Moebuilt Mk 2 Deep Dive: Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme *Updated*



When I bring you cool computer parts here at I try to focus on why you should care about it. Instead of getting really into the nerdy details, I want you guys to see what kind of improvement some of these things can be to your current PC. You see the “what”, I want to give you the “why”. My Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme cooler is one of those things that don’t make much sense on paper, but in practice it has been the best addition I have ever made to my PC. It makes everything very fast and very quiet.

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I updated the post with newer, even faster clock speeds.

First let’s start with what this thing actually is and why it makes sense. You CPU is what runs your entire computer. It is the engine that drives every single action. Just like a car engine, you need to keep it cool or it won’t work as well. Considering we stopped using air to cool car engines (Porsche and motorcycles aside) several decades ago, it makes sense that we would stop using air to cool the engines of our computers.

This is where the Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme comes in. It is one of the largest and best performing 240mm radiators available, and holy hell is it awesome.

First let’s start with the looks. The solid black radiator, hoses and water block fit well with the red and black theme of my motherboard, and the contrast of the white fans makes them visually stand out. It’s a great overall look. I dig the white Thermaltake logo on the block as well.

Aside from looking cool, what the hell does a water cooler actually do for you anyways? Well if you don’t ever plan on really trying to push the power of your PC, it will make your computer quieter, but not much else. If you really want to chase performance, it makes all the difference in the world.

Certain processors, like the i7 one Intel gave me, can be overclocked. Basically, you just tune them to run faster, kind of like adding more boost to a turbocharged car. The issue with this is that the chip runs MUCH hotter. If it gets too hot, it will shut off or may even be damaged.

This is where the water cooler comes in.

I won’t get into a ton of the detail about it here, there are lots of sites that can give you overclocking help, but I will tell you just how big of a difference it made. Before I got the Water 2.0 Extreme, I was only able to push my chip to run at a speed of 4.2Ghz. That is a very fast chip, but it ran at 92-degrees Celcius, or just under what it takes to boil water. To keep that speed I had seven fans in my old case, and it was so loud, it could wake my wife up if I wanted to game at night.

Now that I have the Water 2.0 Extreme, I was able to push my chip to 4.6Ghz and I keep temps around 80-degrees. So compared to what it runs out of the box, I now have a 31-percent boost in speed, and my OC temps have fallen by 15-percent. Oh, and because it has two large fans that spin pretty slowly, this machine is barely half as aloud as my old computer.

UPDATE: After some fettling, I have managed to push my chip to 4.82Ghz, on all four cores with temps around 84-degrees. That is an increase of more than 37-percent over the base speed of 3.5Ghz!


So why should you buy a water cooler? Well, my computer is now way faster, runs even cooler than before and it is much quieter. Sounds like a win-win-win to me. Thanks to its all-in-one construction, it was very easy to install, and is basically maintenance free.

With more than 30-percent increase in chip speed and 15-percent temperature decrease, I think the Water 2.0 Extreme is one of the best AIO solutions you can buy.


Pros: Increased speeds, decreased temps, reduced noise

Cons: Price

Score: 9.5/10

GuysGab Score9-5

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