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Office Power Dressing: Stylish Twists On The Classic Suit and Tie



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The businessperson needs to look the part. For men, that means wearing a power suit and tie and knowing how to dress to impress people around the office and beyond. However, the ‘classic’ suit and tie look grows old despite tradition. If you want to maintain class while adding pizzazz to a classic combination, consider the following fashion tips.

Pocket Square

The matching pocket square and tie is oft seen – and overused. Alternatively, choose a pocket square shade a few hues away from that of your tie. If you’re really creative, choose a shade that matches other accessories, such as your belt or watch. The pocket square is a subtle yet giant style twist, which works well when done right.

Tie Bar

The tie bar may look out of place or not stylish if the tie is too thin or the bar worn too high or low on the torso. The tie bar should fasten both ends of the tie to the shirt between the third and fourth button. If you’re unsure of how it should appear, glean additional information from online menswear resources or ask an in-store employee.


Stylish men gravitate toward socks as women do shoes. A neutral or drab-coloured outfit suddenly comes alive when coupled with bold and stylish socks. However, consider the pattern of the rest of the outfit before choosing a style of sock. If the outfit is plain, add pizzazz with patterned socks. Alternatively, if you have ‘too much going on’ regarding pants, shirt, and tie patterns, you’ll look like a clown with attention-drawing socks. Seek balance rather than over indulgence of patterns.


The modern man handles emails on his iPhone and sends video messages from one of many mobile devices. Yet, traditional briefcases are out of fashion. However, the leather bag remains a fashion gem for working men. It’s not a call to emulate a huge high-fashion piece of one’s girlfriend or female cohorts, yet a square, leather bag keeps a modern worker’s possessions safe and the handler looking stylish.

Umbrella or Walking Stick

An umbrella is a utility item that comes in handy during fierce winds, downpours, or sudden snowstorms, and a number of fashionable umbrellas are available from leading manufacturers. However, some chaps rather keep a hand free to hold a walking stick. Why drive or take a car ride when you can walk in style? Choose a swanky walking stick to add accent to your business step.


Watches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and intentions. For example, you wouldn’t wear a sports watch to a board meeting, and you wouldn’t wear a formal piece to a yoga class. Consider the formality of the time piece before taking it to work. Additionally, pocket watches, a fashionable item of former eras, adds a touch of class and uniqueness to the modern business setting.

Style equals power when a working man can wear accessories aside from the suit and tie with confidence. Add a square, pocket watch, or cane for more pizzazz during the business day.

Alex Outlaw is an editorial contributor and the marketing director for The Idle Man. Whenever he has the chance, he likes to sit down and let others know what’s new in the music, fashion and culture scene by posting on social media and blogging. Find out what’s new on Twitter, here.

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