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Pastrovich 55m X-Easy Yacht Concept Is An Absolute Stunner




Monaco-based Pastrovich Studio is known for their style-pushing yacht designs, but their latest 55m X-Easy yacht concept is more realistic, while still giving buyers a unique totally custom and timeless product.

“We wanted to maintain our core philosophy and adapt into a less-extreme boat for those who live [on] their yacht with friends and family, for a quiet cruise dedicated to relaxation, fun and ‘small exploration,’” Stefano Pastrovich stated in a press release.

The design of the 55m X-Easy enables crew to be kept to a minimum. Only nine crew members are required, thanks to the use of materials that are easy to maintain and clean. Pastrovich believes this will allow for a tighter-knit “family” of crew members, thereby reducing crew turnover.


The yacht’s layout is designed to be easily adaptable, with fixed furniture kept to a minimum. Loose furniture instead allows for spaces on the yacht to be reconfigured as required. The spaces themselves are open and flow easily between inside and out. This creates a bright, fresh and simple “beach house” atmosphere.

On-board amenities include a spa and gym to help passengers stay healthy and fit, a bow terrace with dining table, and an aft beach club that includes a variety of “toys” including a jet-ski, inflatables, small sailboats, a jellyfish pool and standup paddle boards. Access to the tender garage is through the yacht’s side, to minimize disturbances to guests using the beach club and swim platform.

Although the X-Easy was designed as a concept, Pastrovich hopes to bring the design to fruition in the future.


For more information on the 55m X-Easy, visit Pastrovich Studio.

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