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Saving Money With Daily Deal Sites



Over the past year, you’ve probably seen a number of sites come onto the scene, all offering one-day deals at a local establishment.. It started with Groupon, but they were soon followed by a slew of imitators. Today, there are hundreds of sites out there trying to copy Groupon’s business model, and a handful of them are doing a great job at it. If you subscribe to all of ’em, your Inbox would get flooded every morning. So I weeded through the junk, and here’s what made the cut, in order of preference:

Living Social
KGB Deals

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s how these sites work. They search for local businesses that are looking to get more customers. They offer a specific discounted deal for a set duration (usually 24 hours, but sometimes they last as long as 3-5 days).

One of the most popular deals in recent times was a $50 Gap GC for only $25. It made national news, and was rumored to net Groupon over $11 Million in ONE DAY! (Groupon gets 50% of the discount, so in this case, they made $12.50 for every GC that was sold.. Talk about an awesome business model!)

Personally, I’ve used these sites to purchase cupcakes, a spa treatment for my girl, cheap movie tickets, discount tickets to a local water park, and some restaurant deals. Every day brings something new, and you never know what to expect.

Check out the sites above, and see what’s being offered in your city!

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