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Setting Up Your New College Dorm Room



Right about now, many of you guys are getting ready to head off to college. It’s an exciting time for sure, but adjusting to dorm life can be a bit daunting. For those freshman out there, this marks the first time living away from your parents, and maybe even the first time you’re rooming with someone else.

The good news is that you’ll adjust to college life before you know it, and you’ll actually regret having to go home for winter break. You might not believe me now, but you will soon enough.

College is as much a social experience as it is a learning experience, and dorm life is a huge part of that. So don’t get an off-campus apartment right away, use these first few years to make new friends and have fun. So how do you meet new people? Believe it or not, video games was a huge game-changer for me.

It’s funny, word spread fast in my dorm that I had the newest Madden game, and pretty soon total strangers started showing up to play. Many of us became fast friends, and that in turn lead to being introduced to their social circles, as well as the females in those circles. And before long, I was hooking up with some of these chicks.. All thanks to my good ole’ Xbox.

So yeah, if you want to start your college experience off on the right foot, you need to make sure that your TV/gaming setup is legit. I’d suggest getting a decent sized flat-screen TV (32″ or larger), a next-generation console (Xbox One / PS4), a decent home theater in a box setup, and a handful of games and DVDs.

Now all of a sudden, your dorm room is the place to be!

Make the most of your college years, because before you know it you’ll be out in the “real world”, looking back wistfully at those good times.